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Fast, high-tech bikes might be exciting and flashy, but they’re not the best motorcycles for beginners. And even some seasoned riders might not be able to truly explore the limits of high-end sportbikes. But while affordable, entry-level models aren’t necessarily fast, in some ways, they’re more fun. And one of the best examples of this is the 2022 Honda Grom.

For 2022, the Honda Grom has a powertrain overhaul, a new look, and some extra tech

A blue 2022 Honda Grom ABS
2022 Honda Grom ABS | Honda

Looking at its specs on paper, the 2022 Honda Grom doesn’t appear to be significantly different than its immediate predecessor. However, although a few things carry over from last year’s model, the 2022 Grom features key updates in several areas.

One of the biggest changes is in the powertrain. True, as before, the 2022 Honda Grom has an air-cooled fuel-injected 125cc single-cylinder engine. But it’s not the same engine found in the 2021 Trail 125, Monkey, and Super Cub. The version in the 2022 Grom is Euro5 emissions-compliant and, with 10 hp and 8 lb-ft of torque, slightly more powerful, RideApart explains.

Also, the transmission has wider gear ratios and five gears, rather than four. Combined with a new rear sprocket, the 2022 bike tops out at 59 mph, up from 54 mph.

A close-up of the LCD display on the 2022 Honda Grom
2022 Honda Grom LCD display | Honda

Other changes on the 2022 Honda Grom are similarly subtle. The fuel tank is slightly larger, and the engine trades its oil-spinner system for a filter to simplify oil changes, RevZilla notes. The bike’s seat height is still 30”, but the seat itself is flatter. And the 2022 Grom’s body panels are designed to be easily removed and swapped out.

The 2022 Honda Grom has the same braking and suspension hardware as the outgoing bike. And front-wheel ABS is still optional. But it benefits from a new inertial measurement unit. Plus, the 2022 Grom features a new LCD dash complete with a gear indicator.

“If there’s one thing U.S. motorcycling needs,” RevZilla says, it’s getting more people on a 2022 Honda Grom

Since its 2014 introduction, the Honda Grom has earned itself a dedicated fanbase and even racing series. That’s thanks to features like a low curb weight, small dimensions, affordable price, and approachable handling and power. And the 2022 bike is more of the same.

“The Grom is, in a word, rad,” RideApart says. Because it only weighs 231 pounds with ABS and has a low center of gravity, low-speed maneuvers are a cinch, RevZilla reports. And even on the stock tires, the 2022 Grom is great fun on a racetrack. It’s like a Miata, Jalopnik explains, in that maintaining momentum is the goal. Picking your lines and braking points carefully, sharpening your counter-steering technique, and so on. But because the bike is light, maneuverable, and approachable, you can attack corners with a great deal of confidence.

Larger riders may find the straight-line performance a bit lacking on the Grom. But long-term comfort isn’t an issue, RevZilla and RideApart note. And being able to use full throttle at road-legal speeds without feeling scared is its own kind of fun. The axiom of riding a slow bike fast being more enjoyable than a fast bike slow is in full effect with the Honda Grom.

Downsides? Besides the relative lack of speed, RideApart noted neutral could be difficult to find, though RevZilla had no such issue. The 2022 Grom also comes with a shift light that seems more inclined for fuel efficiency than acceleration. But overall, to quote RideApart, the Grom is simply “a fun, accessible, easy to live with bike.”

Should you buy one?

The side view of a 2022 Honda Grom in white-red-and-blue RHP livery with gold elements
2022 Honda Grom RHP side | Honda

The 2022 Honda Grom starts at $3399 without ABS; the white-red-and-blue livery with gold highlights costs $3499. And an ABS-equipped Grom starts at $3599.

Smaller bikes like the Grom have their limitations. For example, if you need a motorcycle for highway commuting, you’ll need something with a larger engine. However, if you’re looking to get into riding, or rediscover its simple joys, the Grom is one of the best places to start.

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