The 2022 Honda Grom: Faster but Just as Cheap and Cheerful

The Grom is hard to beat as a brand-new beginner motorcycle, especially for those who’ve never ridden before. It’s light, compact, efficient, and cheap; but unlike a Vespa, it’s still a motorcycle. However, while the Honda Grom was never going to be a highway cruiser, there were some who wanted a bit more speed. And for 2022, the mini bike gets it, along with several more updates.

This is how Honda made the 2022 Grom (slightly) faster

A blue 2022 Honda Grom ABS
2022 Honda Grom ABS | Honda

Up until now, the Honda Grom used a 125cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine with a four-speed transmission. This same powertrain is also found in the Monkey, the Super Cub, and the Trail 125, though the last two have centrifugal ‘semi-automatic’ clutches. But while the 2022 Grom doesn’t have a larger engine, it does “pick up a tiny bit of power,” Autoblog reports.

That power comes from the modifications Honda made to keep the Grom’s engine compliant with new European emissions standards. And admittedly, it’s not much. Instead of 9 hp and 7 lb-ft, the bike has 10 hp and 8 lb-ft, RideApart reports.

An overhead view of a blue 2022 Honda Grom
2022 Honda Grom overhead | Honda

However, the 2022 Grom also has a new rear sprocket and a new transmission. Instead of a four-speed manual, the mini motorcycle comes with a five-speed manual. And as a result of all these changes, the Grom’s top speed is now 59 mph, up from 54 mph.

As of this writing, it’s unknown if Honda plans to offer the updated powertrain outside of the 2022 Grom. However, given that the company offers the Monkey, Super Cub, and Trail 125 throughout the world, it seems likely.

What else does the updated mini motorcycle offer?

Besides the new powertrain, the 2022 Honda Grom also comes with some updated looks. The body panels are now easier to detach, making customization simpler, RevZilla reports. It also has lighter wheels, Jalopnik reports, as well as a larger fuel tank.

The front half of the white-with-red-and-blue-stripes 2022 Honda Grom SP, showing the gold-colored forks, wheels, and brake calipers
2022 Honda Grom SP fork close-up | Honda

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Honda also updated the Grom’s gauge cluster for 2022. The bike has a new digital LCD dash with a tachometer and gear indicator, MCN reports. And while the Grom’s chassis and suspension are unchanged, it has a new flat seat and headlight, RideApart reports. Plus, a new SP livery option that includes gold-colored forks, brake calipers, and wheels. ABS, though, is still optional.

The 2022 Honda Grom doesn’t cost any more than before

Despite the upgrades, the 2022 Honda Grom isn’t any more expensive than the 2020 model was. Prices start at $3399, with ABS a $200 option. And the mini motorcycle should arrive in dealers in May 2021.

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Although it launched in 2014 with few rivals, the Honda Grom has picked up some competitors in recent years. The 2021 Kawasaki Z125 Pro, for example, has the same starting price. However, the 2022 Grom has more gears and more torque. Plus, Kawasaki doesn’t offer the Z125 Pro with ABS.

There’s also the KTM 200 Duke. At $3999 it’s more expensive than the ABS-equipped Grom. However, it comes standard with ABS, a six-speed transmission, and a 26-hp 199cc fuel-injected single-cylinder engine. And if you’re a taller rider, Motorcyclist reports that you’ll be more comfortable on the KTM than on the Honda Grom.

The side view of a white-and-black 2021 KTM 200 Duke with orange wheels
2021 KTM 200 Duke side | KTM

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Still, as an affordable, efficient, and fun way of carving up the city streets, the 2022 Honda Grom is definitely more of a good thing.

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