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The Type R line of Honda Civics has a history of being, well, less than subtle let’s say. The atypical white on red paint scheme that springs to mind is a great example. So, it’s rather fitting that our first look at the new 2022 Honda Civic Type R interior (complete with manual transmission!) was delivered in what looks to be a similarly brash manner.

The new spy shots, seen on the CivicXI forum, show a Honda employee attempting to prevent photos of the interior from being taken.

New Civic interior meets Type R

The manual transmission in a 2022 Honda Civic
The new 2022 Honda Civic Type R gets a new shifter | Honda

Thankfully, we already have images of the new Civic Type R interior. Well, most of it. What you see above is pretty much what you get in the new Civic Type R (CTR). However, there are a few key differences, as can be expected. For starters, you get a manual transmission in the 2022 Honda Civic Type R. That stick shift is also topped with the Type R signature metal shift knob, despite the Honda employee’s best efforts to hide it.

Just like the last gen CTR, you’re also getting some better seats. Here’s hoping these are just as supportive and comfy as the last R from Honda. Honestly, they look very similar. There’s red accents, Alcantara, and of course, big fat bolsters to keep you in place while hooning about.

The hottest Civic gets some big tires for 2022

The rear of the 2022 Honda Civic Type R in camo livery shot from the rear 3/4
The new Type R gets 19″ wheels | Honda

Thanks in large part to the incredibly high-res shots on the CivicXI forum, we wouldn’t know the tire size on the new 2022 Honda Civic Type R. For starters, you’re getting 19-inch wheels, just a little smaller than the last car. Honda has likely changed the wheel size following complaints about tire noise and ride harshness in the previous model. These new wheels are also wider than last year’s car at 265/30/R19. Ideally, this helps the new car handle even better than last year’s.

Not that the FK8 Civic Type R was any slouch in the handling department. Some consider that car to be one of the best-driving FWD cars of all time. High praise rightly earned from numerous publications, such as MotorTrend. That also sets a very high bar for the new car. The 2022 Honda Civic Type R can’t be a slouch to say the least.

The 2022 Honda Civic Type R is almost here

The 2022 Honda Civic Type R with red camo livery shot from the front 3/4
The Type R will be here any day now | Honda

The cat is definitely out of the bag on the newest Honda Civic Type R. Soon, publications will be getting test cars from Honda. But first, we need that camo wrap to come off to be sure what we’re all working with here. Things certainly look more toned down than last year’s CTR, but only time will tell how things look in the flesh.


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