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Honda has pulled it off again. The 2022 Honda Civic Si is shaping up to be the performance bargain we always knew it was going to be. Obviously, the new model is positioned to undercut the competition while delivering the FWD performance driving experience that Honda is famous for. Plus, the new Si model keeps its manual transmission as the only transmission option available.

The Honda Civic Si stays under $30k

The rear 3/4 of an orange Civic Si shot in a parking garage at night
The new Si comes in around $27,000 | Honda
TrimEngineMSRP with $1,015 destination chargeEPA estimated fuel economy
Si1.5L Turbo Four Cylinder$28,31527 / 37 / 31
Si with summer tires1.5L Turbo Four Cylinder$28,51527 / 37 / 31

To us, the craziest part of the pricing for the new Si model is the inclusion of summer tires. Not that they’re on the list, but just how little of the car changes on paper. Well, aside from performance. Usually, lower rolling resistances in lighter summer tires can make a small difference in MPG. That could very well be true, but if it is, it’s so negligible that Honda didn’t include the change in their figures.

That’s all well and good, but the numbers get even better once you look at the money. That $200 difference is only there on the summer tire-shod Honda Civic Si because that’s how much the summer tires cost. No word yet on what they are, but let’s hope those tires aren’t actually worth only $200. For reference, a good set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires can easily run you $1,000.

Honda’s new Si is stick only

The interior of the new Civic Si with a manual transmission
Honda’s new Civic Si gets some new interior changes | Honda

Bearing that in mind, the new Si is clearly going to be a serious value proposition. If the Volkswagen Jetta GLI is too rich for your blood, Honda undercuts the new model by several thousand dollars. That number only grows if you factor in the pricier dual-clutch transmission-equipped VW Jetta GLI. Really, it’s all very typically Honda.

However, that’s not to say that the Honda Civic Si is some bottom-of-the-barrel performance sedan with a little nice trim and a peppy motor. After all, this is the company that practically pioneered the fast FWD car. And in case you’ve forgotten, the lessons learned from the Honda Civic Type R are sure to be in full effect with the Si. All that for $28,000? Count us in.

The Si is a kick in the teeth for VW

An orange Honda Civic Si shot on a back road from the 3/4 angle
Honda’s newest Si stays under $30,000 | Honda

Really, the new Honda Civic Si takes aim squarely at both the Volkswagen Jetta GLI and the Golf GTI. How they stack up nose to nose remains to be seen, however. But from a value perspective, the Civic Si wins out on paper. Given the German’s reputation for making excellent, if not a little fiddly cars, the new Si promises to be a breath of fresh air. And given the prices in the majority of the auto market right now, a real relief.


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