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It’s not unusual to see the two heavy-hitting midsize sedans from Toyota and Honda going toe-to-toe in all sorts of competitions. As the popularity of rideshare services like Uber and Lyft continue to grow, the popularity of great rideshare cars—like the 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid and the 2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid—will, too.

Both of these hybrid cars would be trustworthy, efficient, and comfortable rideshare vehicles no matter where you shuttle your passengers. But, one of them has a slight advantage over the other.

Cost and reliability: Accord Hybrid vs. Camry Hybrid

The 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid starts at $27,320, while a fully loaded Accord Hybrid starts at $30,670. The 2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid starts at $27,480, while a fully loaded Camry XLE Hybrid will run you over $32,000. The Accord Hybrid is slightly cheaper at all levels, so if price is an essential factor, the Honda will likely better meet your needs. However, the price differences are slight.

Both Honda and Toyota brands have an incredible reputation for reliability and longevity, so either one of these hybrid sedans would be a great rideshare car option.

Action shot of a silver 2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid sedan driving
2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid | Toyota

Fuel economy: Accord Hybrid vs. Camry Hybrid

If we look strictly at fuel economy, there’s a clear advantage in Toyota’s hybrid sedan. The 2022 Camry Hybrid boasts up to 52 mpg combined, compared to the 2022 Accord Hybrid’s 47 mpg combined.

Drivers who want a rideshare car with the highest mpg ratings will be more satisfied with Toyota’s hybrid powertrain. If you’re more interested in performance overall, the slightly thirstier Accord Hybrid does offer more horsepower.

Passenger and cargo room: Accord Hybrid vs. Camry Hybrid

As a driver for Uber or Lyft, you want your passengers to be comfortable in the rear seat. Knowing whether the 2022 Accord Hybrid or 2022 Camry Hybrid has more passenger space could be a big factor in deciding your next rideshare car.

The Honda Accord Hybrid has slightly more shoulder room in the rear than the Toyota Camry Hybrid. This impressive midsize sedan also offers more hip and legroom in the back than the Camry Hybrid. While the differences are minor (less than two inches in any direction), this could make a big difference to your passengers.

Interior of the 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid, a great car for driving rideshare
2022 Honda Accord Hybrid interior | Honda

Features and comfort: Accord Hybrid vs. Camry Hybrid

At roughly equal price points, the 2022 Accord Hybrid and 2022 Camry Hybrid come similarly equipped. Honda’s Accord comes standard with a suite of Honda Sensing safety features, and an 8-inch touchscreen display with Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay®, and Android Auto™.  Toyota’s Camry Hybrid is evenly matched, offering a standard suite of Toyota Safety Sense driver-assistance features and connectivity tech, but a slightly smaller 7-inch multimedia display.

Overall, both hybrid sedans are comfortable and well-equipped options for your next rideshare car. Honda’s hybrid has a slight advantage in comfort features.

Winner: The 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid, by a hair

Newsweek named both of these vehicles as some of the best cars for Uber and Lyft drivers. While it didn’t specifically rank the cars on its list, these factors (cost, fuel efficiency, passenger space, and features) were all important considerations. Based on the factors listed above, the 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid has a slight edge over the 2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid, but it’s a close call. 

Both hybrids were evenly matched in general price, performance, space, and safety and comfort features. There’s a reason these two sedans are constantly going head to head. They’re both reliable, satisfying cars that would be excellent rideshare options for Uber or Lyft.  

(Honda and Toyota provided all additional specs.)


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