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Housing prices continue to climb, putting the dream of home ownership out of the reach for many. And as more people find the freedom to work from anywhere and vacations trend toward family gatherings instead of ocean cruises, owning an RV continues to gain popularity. You have likely noticed retro-campers in campgrounds and thought they were quite the novelty but probably as dated inside as they are out. 

What if you could get the retro style in a brand new camper trailer with modern amenities inside? For only a single person, or a couple that is comfortable being close, how much space do you need? For 2022, Happier Camper introduced two new affordable RV models featuring retro flair.

2022 Happier Camper Studio

A 2022 Happier Camper HC1 with its doors open
2022 Happier Camper HC1 | Happier Camper

The $49,950 2022 Happier Camper Studio camper trailer features everything a studio apartment has except it’s on wheels, and has solar power, so it functions off-grid. The outside of the Studio shows off retro styling sure to turn heads anywhere you take it. Inside, the HC1 Studio has:

  • A built-in kitchenette complete with a stove, a refrigerator, and a sink 
  • A functioning bathroom with a shower and a dry-flush toilet
  • A living space that utilizes Happier Camper’s proprietary modular system that converts from dining to lounging and even to a queen bed

With all of the Studio’s modules inside the camper trailer, there are 34 square feet of “walkable floor space.” However, taking the weather-resistant modules outside opens up more floor space and increases your outdoor living space. You can even move the dry-flush toilet out of the bathroom to open up the walk-in shower. 

Go off-grid by utilizing the Studio’s 17-gallon onboard fresh water and gray water tanks. Soak up the sun with the included solar array to power lights and other 12-volt appliances. Cook meals and keep the camper warm with the onboard propane system. And never mess with dumping or sanitizing a black tank popular with other RVs, thanks to the dry-flush toilet. 

2022 Happier Camper Venture


Carapate’s $16,000 Retro Campers Have a Dreamy Design and Environmentally Friendly Features

If minimalism is more your style or if you would like to open a pop-up shop on wheels, check out the 2022 Happier Camper Venture, priced at $29,950. According to Insider, the Venture features 42 square feet of walkable space, a functioning kitchenette, and a bathroom; it isn’t as plush as the Studio. Think of it more as a blank slate for $20,000 less.

For entrepreneurs, the Venture’s built-in serving windows and interior and exterior tables make taking their business to customers a breeze. 

Both of these Happier Camper trailers are lightweight and easily towable by almost any properly equipped vehicle. They are also short enough to fit in a standard parking space on their own or in a pull-through spot when attached to your car. If a weekend camping trip, or vending in retro-style is your thing, one of these camper trailers is worth a look.