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Interested in a 2022 GMC Canyon with an extended cab? Well, you may have missed the boat if you did not already purchase this mid-size truck. That’s right, the GMC Canyon Extended Cab is no longer available, at least until the 2023 model arrives. General Motors is planning to cease production of the current Canyon to ramp up production for the new one. And that means some models will no longer be available. Even if you have the cash to buy one. 

Can you order a 2022 GMC Canyon with an extended bed?

Unfortunately, for the rest of the 2022 model year, the GMC Canyon with an extended bed is dead. That means, if you want to order this mid-size truck, you will have to opt for the crew cab model. That may not be as bad as it sounds, as most Canyon sales are models with four doors. So, the impact this change will have might not be significant. 

The 2022 GMC Canyon could have more power
2022 GMC Canyon AT4 | GMC

According to GM Authority, it is unclear if the extended cab will return for 2023. Trucks without four doors are not the most popular thing. So, if GM finds it is not making a profit with this model configuration, it might be killed off entirely. 

Is the 2022 GMC Canyon a good truck?

The Canyon is a decent enough pickup, but it does not sell as well as something like the Tacoma or even the Chevy Colorado. The truck that it shares its platform with. The chance you will have to order a 2022 model will be at some point in October. After that, order banks for the 2023 model will likely open up. 

2022 GMC Canyon in grey
2022 GMC Canyon | GMC

This mid-size truck offers a variety of powertrain options. There is a four-cylinder engine, a turbodiesel engine, and a 3.6-liter V6 that makes 308 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. Because of that, there is likely a powerplant that will work for your specific needs. 

The GMC Canyon also offers something unique. With the Denali trim, you can get a truck with true luxury features. And that is not something that every brand is doing. 

Should you buy a 2022 Canyon?

If you are interested in a new, mid-size pickup, the 2022 GMC Canyon is a good candidate. It starts at under $30,000, which is comparable to other vehicles in its class. Plus, if you are looking for an off-road truck, you can get it with this pickup.

A red 2022 GMC Canyon on green pastures
2022 GMC Canyon | GMC

What’s So Special About the 2023 GMC Canyon AT4X?

The 2022 GMC Canyon AT4 features an off-road suspension as well as all-terrain tires. It also gets four-wheel drive with an automatic locking rear differential. And that should give you a truck that is ready to go just about anywhere. 

The Canyon might not be the most popular truck, but it does a decent enough job at what it was built to do. This truck shares its platform with the Chevy Colorado, so if you are considering that pickup, don’t count out the GMC. Just don’t expect to find an extended cab if that is what you are interested in.