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Genesis is a relatively new luxury car brand that’s owned by Hyundai, and it’s already made a strong impression with a lineup of highly-rated cars. However, unfortunately for the South Korean car brand, the brand-new 2022 Genesis G80 received a less-than-stellar presumed reliability rating from an outlet whose first name rhymes with Boomer. While it may think customers shouldn’t have bought one, it’s turned out to be one of the most-liked luxury sedans.

The 2022 Genesis G80 scores well with dynamic perfomance

A side shot of a 2022 Genesis G80 parked in front of a cream colored wall
2022 Genesis G80 | Hyundai Motor Company

Genesis recently redesigned the G80 midsize luxury sedan, and it now easily competes with the other luxury cars in its class. In fact, the Genesis G80 has received high marks from nearly every automotive rating outlet. That score is largely thanks to how the G80 performs on the road. 

In terms of powertrain options, the Genesis G80 comes with two. First, is a standard 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder providing 300 horsepower, but customers can upgrade that to a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 with 375 ponies. Both engine options are very good, but the G80 handles very well. It’s not the responsive track monster that could be had in something from Germany, but it will be hard to find a smoother, more comfortable sedan this side of a Bentley.

On top of that, the G80 is a luxury car, and Genesis made sure that its interior was up to snuff. It has excellent ride quality, a quiet cabin, and plenty of headroom and legroom. Genesis provided the car with many tech features, including a 14.5-inch touchscreen display and plenty of standard smart safety features.

The G80 luxury sedan earned an unfounded terrible reliability rating from one rating agency

Unfortunately, despite Hyundai and Genesis having a good track record when it comes to reliability, the G80 got a disappointing score from one rating agency in particular. It gave the wonderous 2022 Genesis G80 what anyone would call quite poor. The Genesis G80 scored poorly on its predicted reliability rating, primarily because the older model years, especially the 2019 version, were not very reliable. Nevertheless, it was improved through a 2021 redesign

While that outlet may have drawn conclusions from previous Genesis luxury cars, the result for the new model is the complete opposite. J.D. Power ranked the G80 near the top in terms of quality and reliability. Moreover, led the publication’s 2022 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study in the segment of luxury brand long-term dependability.

Should luxury car customers consider buying a 2022 Genesis G80?

Because it’s hard to know how reliable the 2022 Genesis G80 is, owners may drive their G80 around for a few thousand miles and experience a few issues. That said, the opposite is also possible, as J.D. Power indicates. Ultimately, that’s why the G80 remains a solid choice for luxury car customers. It’s a luxury sedan that starts at an MSRP far less than its competitors , and punches well above its weight.


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