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Ford is cutting out the middleman with the 2022 Ford Mustang. Take a stroll through your local car meet, and you’ll see a herd of blacked-out sixth-generation pony cars from the Blue Oval. Obviously, black wheels, black badges, and blacker paint are all the rage in the modified community these days, and the Ford boys and girls are no exception. Now, you can skip all that backyard 3M application and blowdrying and get your blacked-out ‘Stang right from the factory.

It’s called the Stealth Edition, and the new trim package is anything but. Perhaps that’s the point, despite the name, and it certainly shows that Ford is willing to listen to the modified car community that surrounds it.

How much is the 2022 Ford Mustang Stealth Edition?

A blue 2021 Ford Mustang Stealth Edition shot from the high 3/4 angle
The 2022 Ford Mustang Stealth Edition is anything but | Ford

Generally, American performance cars like the Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Mustang are seen as performance bargains. It’s the biggest argument against European counterparts like the BMW M4. That said, pricing for a 2022 Ford Mustang isn’t bargain-friendly until you look at the whole picture. At MSRP, a new Mustang GT will run you $36,285.However, per Car and Driver, it’s important to point out a subtle difference here.

For EcoBoost and Premium Mustang Models, the new trim package is called the Stealth Edition. However, GT Mustangs get the California Special. As much as that sounds like something crude, it’s actually about the same thing as the Stealth Edition. Bigger black wheels, blacked-out trim, some badging, and some suede interior pieces.

The new Mustang is shaping up to be a classic

A dark blue 2020 Ford Mustang shot from the 3/4 angle at an auto show in China
The base trim Ford Mustang | VCG via Getty Images

With the introduction of both, Ford really is cutting out the middleman. These modifications are incredibly popular in the enthusiast community. Now, you can do them before the 2022 Ford Mustang is even in your driveway. Black trim, wheels, and badging are basically requirements of Mustang ownership for some. Funnily enough, both trim packages make the new ‘Stang easier to spot.

However, only the Ford-specific badging will mean the pair of appearance packages can be told apart from modified ones. That is unless you’re really bad at applying vinyl wrap. Unfortunately, we don’t have pricing for the Stealth Edition and California Special Mustangs just yet, but we can expect it when the 2022 Ford Mustang is officially given an MSRP in the next several months.

Sometimes, you just have to listen to the people

The rear of the 2021 Ford Mustang Stealth Edition, shot from the rear 3/4
The Stealth Edition cuts out the middleman | Ford

Regardless, these two trim packages show that sometimes, you’ve got to listen to the customer. Ford saw what people were doing with their Mustangs, and decided to do it themselves. We’ll know if it’s cheaper to get your blacked-out Mustang from Ford later, but given the suede interior bits and special badging, we can’t imagine it’ll be cheaper than a trip to Autozone for some vinyl wrap and a heat gun.


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