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The 2022 Ford Maverick is a tiny truck that has changed the entire vehicle class. Pickup trucks will never be the same now that consumers know that these vehicles can still be practical even if they are much smaller. The Maverick has SUV-like driving dynamics. Can it handle driving in deep snow?

The 2022 Ford Maverick FX4 takes on deep snow

The pickup truck models of the past were hulking gas guzzlers that roared with power. The Ford Maverick subverts the idea of the modern pickup by proving that great things can still come in small packages. In the age of seasoned giants like the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500, a little pickup can come along and change the game.

The Ford Maverick has plenty of utility, but many consumers question whether it can handle real “truck stuff” because of its small stature. Realistically the base model 2022 Ford Maverick is wildly underpowered compared to other trucks in its segment, as expected. However, Ford has made several optional trims and packages available to consumers that want to beef up the Maverick. These packages add towing and off-roading capability, but can the Maverick handle deep snow and dangerous winter terrain?

In the video above, a driver pits the 2022 Ford Maverick with the FX4 Off-Road package against some serious winter weather. The FX4 Off-Road package includes several off-road driving modes, all-terrain tires, skid plates, and hill descent control. The driver in the YouTube video tested out different Maverick FX4 drive modes in the snow and found that Slippery Mode and Sand Mode were tricky.

The driver attempted to scale the test hill in Normal Mode and felt the Maverick FX4 Off-Road’s tires slipping. It was still able to make it up the easier part of the test hill. The tiny truck was able to plow through fresh deep snow in Slippery Mode. It got much more power in Sand Mode and made it up the test hill.

Is the 2022 Ford Maverick a real truck?

The 2022 Ford Maverick challenges everything we know about conventional pickup trucks. It doesn’t have a massive body or engine. The tiny pickup has one of the smallest truck beds in its segment. Despite its limitations, the 2022 Ford Maverick is as much of a real pickup as any other truck on the market.

Its Flexbed adds plenty of utility and allows drivers to customize the truck bed. The Maverick ultimately provides the same small truck experiences as other vehicles in its segment.

Should you buy a Ford Maverick?

A yellow Ford Maverick is driving on a damp road.
The 2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

The Ford Maverick is one of the most affordable pickup trucks on the market. It starts at $19,995. The Maverick is special because it is bringing a new generation of truck owners to the Blue Oval. According to Car and Driver, the Maverick is the ideal truck for drivers who want utility without getting a huge truck. More drivers from crowded cities are buying pickup trucks than ever before, thanks to the Maverick’s small size.

If you’ve never owned a pickup truck before because they were too big to parallel park, the Maverick is a dream come true. It’s also a standard hybrid, so the tiny truck is officially the most fuel-efficient truck on the market. The Maverick is the change that the truck vehicle class didn’t know it needed.


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