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For the longest time, finding a new small truck for sale in America seemed like an impossible task. But with the 2022 Ford Maverick, that is no longer the case. The Maverick is a small pickup truck from the Ford brand and has received praise from buyers and journalists alike. In fact, it has been so popular that Ford is no longer accepting orders for the 2022 model year. This popularity may be due in part to affordable pricing, but the Maverick is also legitimately practical, which helps it to thrive in a number of roles. 

Is the 2022 Ford Maverick practical?

The Maverick is a highly practical truck. It comes standard with a hybrid powertrain for efficiency you would expect from a car, not a pickup truck. Plus, Ford’s small truck can tow up to 4,000 pounds when properly equipped. 

A blue 2022 Ford Maverick compact pickup truck is towing a small trailer.
The 2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

For those who want more power from their pickup truck, there is an available turbocharged engine. With this engine, owners will benefit from 250 horsepower and ample torque output. Better yet, the 2022 Maverick also offers available all-wheel drive when outfitted with the more powerful engine. And that will help this vehicle handle things like winter and even some light off-road adventures.

When can I expect a Ford Maverick?

Everywhere has been hit with supply chain issues and chip shortages, and Ford is no different. Currently, Maverick orders have been delayed until August of 2022. But, not all hope is lost. If you can find a 2022 Ford Maverick at a dealership, you should act quickly if you want to buy it. These trucks typically last on dealership lots for less than four days. Which is a reflection of what a hot commodity this small truck is. 

A blue Ford Maverick sits in a parking garage.
2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

If you want to custom order your truck, the best bet is to wait until August. Those orders will be for the 2023 Maverick, but it will allow you to customize your new Maverick, making it truly yours. 

Is Ford’s small truck good?

The 2022 Ford Maverick has proven itself to be a good truck. While there may be some things that could be improved, for its price it delivers a serious value proposition. According to Consumer Reports, they find this model to be a refreshing new arrival to the market. And with what this compact pickup brings to the table, that makes sense.

Whether you are shopping for a hybrid truck or a truck with AWD, the Ford Maverick delivers. And that likely has to do with why Ford’s small truck has sold out so quickly.

Can you buy the 2022 Ford Maverick?

Because of its popularity, customer orders for the 2022 Maverick have been paused. This means the best way to find one is at a Ford dealership or potentially on the used market. These models may be subject to markups though, so keep that in mind when searching for this compact pickup truck. 

The 2022 Ford Maverick XL is a basic compact pickup truck. Here it has soil loaded into its bed.
2022 Ford Maverick XL | Ford

If you can find a Maverick available, you will be getting a practical truck that rides comfortably and has the utility of a bed. Something that many shoppers may be looking for.


The 2022 Ford Maverick Is a Cheap, Small Truck