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Ford is one of the oldest and most popular American automakers, and the Michigan-based company has built many classic and beloved cars in the past. However, just like any other automaker, Ford is not perfect, and Ford has also built vehicles with lots of issues that have suffered from multiple recalls. That’s definitely been the case with the 2022 Ford F-150, which has been hit by a number of recalls already.

Ford redesigned the F-150 recently, and it’s had a lot of issues

For the 2021 model year, Ford redesigned the F-150, and it entered its 14th generation. As with any redesign, this meant that the new F-150 developed some new issues. That being said, the 14th generation of the F-150 has seen an above-average amount of recalls as of late, some of which were quite serious. 

Some recalls were for things relating to the truck’s steering and driveshafts, while others were for things like the windshield wipers potentially failing. The 2022 model year of the F-150 didn’t see many huge changes, but it’s already being hit by a few recalls of its own. The truck’s driveshaft continues to be a problem area, as the 2022 F-150 was also hit by driveshaft recalls.

A look at the latest recall affecting the 2022 Ford F-150

A black 2023 Ford F-150 full-size pickup truck with LED fog lamps towing a camper at night
2023 Ford F-150 with LED fog lamps | Ford Motor Company

The Ford F-150 was hit by another recall not that long ago, but fortunately for Ford owners, this time, it was a more minor one. According to Ford Authority, this new recall concerns the truck’s parking lamps flickering. This issue seems to happen when the headlights are on. When the truck’s parking lamps start to flicker, that can reduce visibility, increasing the risks of a car accident.

In total, about 77,804 trucks are affected by this recall. The trucks were all made between March 11, 2022, and July 23, 2022. This issue is happening because of the truck’s LED Driver module, an area that Ford and Ford dealers will fix when folks bring their trucks in. Dealers will replace or reprogram that module for free.

The good news is that, as Ford Authority wrote, Ford is unaware of any accidents caused by the F-150’s flickering parking lamps. Regardless, Ford will start communicating with owners before November 2022. The reference number for this recall is 22C22, and owners can contact Ford or the NHTSA if they have any questions about this recall.

Ford’s other brands and products have had a lot of issues too

It’s not surprising that the Ford F-150 was hit by so many recalls, as many recalls have also hit Ford’s other vehicles. Some of those issues just come with the territory of bringing a brand-new car to the market, such as the issues relating to the relatively new Ford Mustang Mach-E and Maverick. Other problems have simply persisted for a long time. For example, the Ford Explorer is notorious for its issues and subsequent recalls over the years.

Ford’s other brands, such as Lincoln, have also been hit with their fair share of recalls. For example, the Lincoln Navigator and the Ford Explorer have an issue where they could spontaneously catch on fire. On top of that, like many automakers, Ford uses similar components across multiple models, meaning massive recalls if some of those components turn out faulty. That’s what happened recently when Ford recalled 3.3 million cars due to an issue with their shift cables.


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