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The future of pickup trucks is here, and it’s the F-150 Lightning Pro. Though that sounds like a high-tech and lofty moniker, it’s just the official name of the Lightning work truck. Here’s a look at all the practical and useful features of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro.

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning’s trims

So far, Ford has revealed four trims for its F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck. The lineup starts with the standard work truck — the Pro — and progresses to the next trim level, the XLT. Then there’s the Lariat and, finally, the Premium.

As usual, the higher trims will come with more features, but some folks want a simple work truck. Compared to the gas-powered F-150, the Pro is essentially the same as the XL because both are the cheapest trims with the fewest features. But, of course, like the gas-powered F-150, the Pro trim is still a capable, well-equipped work truck that’ll get the job done.

Will the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro be affordable?

Ford has priced the Pro trim just under $40,000 before destination fees or EV tax credits that owners may or may not take advantage of, Car and Driver reports. This is a very affordable price because the F-150 XL starts at just under $30,000, meaning the Lightning Pro costs about $10,000 more than the gas-powered F-150 work truck.

However, as Tesla fans already know, EVs don’t require as much maintenance as vehicles with combustion engines. Plus, EV owners generally spend less on fuel, and the savings can add up. Thus, overall, the Lightning Pro could make up that $10,000 difference by being cheaper to own in the long run.

But of course, options cost extra. One of Lightning’s more impactful options involves the battery pack. The Pro gets about 426 hp and 230 miles of range in its standard configuration. But shoppers can spend about $10,000 to boost those numbers. For a total of just under $50,000, the Pro can harness 563 hp and get 300 miles of range when equipped with the optional extended-range pack, Car and Driver reports.

The Pro trim can get the job done


The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Gives Nap Time a New Meaning

Off the bat, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro will come in only one body style, according to Car and Driver. That includes a SuperCrew cab, a 5.5-foot bed, and a Class IV hitch. This configuration will allow the Pro to seat five people and carry plenty of plywood and other supplies and equipment. 

Speaking of plywood: The automaker claims the Pro can handle quite a bit of it. In fact, Ford says that when equipped with the available 9.6-kW extended-range pack, the Pro has “enough power to rip up to 30 miles of half-inch plywood.”

And every Pro has a built-in AC power source offering “2.4 kW of capability through four outlets in the Mega Power Frunk, two more in the cabin, and two in the bed,” Ford says. The truck can use that energy to power tools and even a home in an emergency.