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The 2022 Ford F-150 just got a little more enticing thanks to new tech features. Some of these updates were supposed to be available for 2021, but the Ford F-150 faced a pandemic and supply chain issues. 

The 2022 Ford F-150 finally gains new tech 

Gray 2022 Ford F-150 Limited driving by a forest
2022 Ford F-150 Limited | Ford

Not much is changing for the 2022 Ford F-150. The F-150 just received numerous updates for 2021, so it’s still a fresh and modern truck. However, Ford faced a lot of issues in 2021 that held a few things back. 

There were supply chain issues, the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage, and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Ford couldn’t operate at full capacity and faced significant delays. But the 2021 Ford PowerBoost Hybrid and Pro Power Onboard generator still changed the game. Now new tech will take things up a notch. 

What new tech does the 2022 F-150 have? 

The 2022 Ford F-150 is gaining new features that were supposed to be available for 2021. So you may have already heard of them. 

For example, the Onboard scales are available. They help make gauging your total payload easier by precisely measuring and displaying the weight of your payload. The scale even measures your passenger’s weight. 

The load information is displayed on the touch screen and the FordPass app. The taillamps display the percentage of payload capacity by illuminating LEDs as a vertical bar. Once full capacity has been reached, all four lights illuminate. The top lights blink if your truck is overloaded. 

The Maximum payload is programmed into the system based on your truck’s configuration. Also, the scale mode zeros out the current load so you can see the approximate weight of additional items. 

Plus, the Smart Hitch is available. It measures tongue weight to help you properly hitch up and reduce the possibility of trailer sway while towing. The Smart Hitch provides weight distribution guidance and will indicate if the hitch weight is too high or low on the touchscreen and with the FordPass app. 

The 2022 F-150 has a better ride 

A silver 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck is on display.
The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning | Bill Pugliano via Getty Images

The 2022 Ford F-150 is available with continuously controlled damping for an enhanced ride and handling, especially while towing or hauling heavy loads. A computer inside the truck analyzes multiple signals collect via high-resolution sensors to adjust your truck’s response to multiple situations by controlling valves in the shocks. 

Damping force controls unwanted motions such as bounce, pitch, and roll to reduce the severity of impacts while driving over potholes and uneven terrain. In Tow/Haul mode, truck and trailer responses are eased over road conditions. 

The BlueCruise hands-free driving feature is available on some 2022 Ford F-150 models. When you enter a Blue Zone, where BlueCruise is available, activate adaptive cruise control for BlueCruise to take over. 

It will keep you in your lane at a safe distance from vehicles in front of you. While you don’t have to keep your hands on the wheel, you do have to pay attention. Cameras track your eyes and face to make sure you’re watching your surroundings. 

We will keep you updated as we learn more about the 2022 F-150. It has an MSRP of $29,640. Changes include the addition of a new Black Appearance package and more available tech.


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