The 2022 Dodge Challenger Is a ‘Rottweiler With a Rib Eye’ Says Consumer Reports

With its reboot in 2009, the Dodge Challenger proved that people like the retro look with modern performance. I mean, Lord have mercy, of many of those things have you seen burning tires and revving its ear-splitting engine around your neighborhood? The 2022 Dodge Challenger is no exception to people’s love. In fact, the 2022 Dodge Challenger is so loved that even grumpy ol’ (with love) Consumer Reports couldn’t resist giving it an excited and glowing review. 

Promo photo of a red 2021 Challenger Scat Pack widebody edition
The 2022 Challenger Scat Pack widebody is the fastest Challenger without a Hellcat engine | Stellantis

How fast is the 2022 Dodge Challenger? 

As noted by Consumer Reports, ​​the 2022 Dodge Challenger lineup includes various cosmetic changes, performance-oriented features, and multiple choices of V6 and V8 engines spread over a bewildering number of different trim lines. The peak of Dodge Challenger mountain is the outrageous 797-hp “SRT Hellcat Redeye” version. This car might be a lesson in American over-indulgence, but it is a hard thing not to love. 

The car Consumer Reports tested is the middling Dodge Challenger R/T Plus with a 375-hp, 5.7-liter “Hemi” V8 and six-speed manual, and it landed a score of 63/100. While that may not seem great at first, a sports car rating this high is like a pickup truck rating this high for CR; it’s rare. 

The tested 5.7-liter V8 “supplies readily available thrust in spades,” says Consumer Reports. The Dodge Challenger R/T manages a 0-60 mph sprint in 5 seconds flat. Technically, the further up the line you go, the faster they get. Really though, they just roast more tires. 

Is the 2022 Dodge Challenger a good car? 

Orange 2022 Dodge Challenger Cancelled SRT Super Stock | Stellantis
Dodge just canceled the Challenger muscle car. | Stellantis

As previously mentioned, CR gave the Challenger a 63/100, which isn’t stellar, but given the animalistic nature of the Challenger, it’s not bad. Honestly, there isn’t much in the review that comes as much of a shock. The engine is great. The engine sounds great. The ride is stiff, and the body feels really big. That is the textbook definition of American Muscle. 

However, what may come as a surprise is the fact that CR said the 2022 Dodge Challenger has exceptional braking and handling. An American muscle car has what now? CR said that the Challenger holds on in the corners like a “Rottweiler with a Ribeye.” Not only is that a badass line, but it is almost hard to believe coming from such a brutish and bulky muscle car. 

However, CR also says that while it really charges the corners, the size and weight of the Challenger are never forgotten. There is something about feeling a car’s size. It can still take the corners, but it seems that corners are ripped up with a big of courage and fortitude. 

While the bulk didn’t stop it from munching corners, it did hurt it on CR’s emergency avoidance testing. Overall it did ok but only maintained 52 mph while navigating the cones. Despite some obvious cons to owning such an aggressive car, CR still recommends the 2022 Challenger to anyone who feels the call. 

Is Dodge discontinuing the Challenger? 

the 2022 Dodge Challenger really impressed Consumer Reports. Here is one in white looking mean.
2022 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock with SRT Black appearance package | Dodge

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