2022 Corvette: Worst For Reliability Says Consumer Reports

Well, this is a surprise. We all thought that the new C8 Corvette was as reliable as they come. Not so. According to Consumer Reports, the Corvette is one of the top 10 least reliable cars for 2022. Its reliability score was 13 out of 100. That’s definitely not good.

The 2022 Corvette came in at five for the top 10 worst in reliability

A trio of Chevrolet Corvette Z06 models, from the C8 R race car to the convertible, to the targa, shot at sunset
The full Z06 lineup features a flat-plane V8 | Chevrolet

That 13 score puts the Corvette at the fifth-worst vehicle in 2022. It scored two points better than stablemate Chevy Silverado but worse than the Volvo XC90. At least it was not in the first place. That distinction goes to Mercedes with its GLE which snagged a five out of 100. 

How did Consumer Reports come up with these tallies? It determined that there were 17 “trouble areas” with the Corvette. Broken trim was one of them, which isn’t terrible. But there were also larger issues, like repairing the drivetrain. 

Different numbers are applied based on the severity of the problem. There were also two model years studied to get the scoring prediction. In all, the engine, transmission, drive system, paint, and trim, are the areas of most concern. 

Some 2022 Corvettes are experiencing transmission leaks

2021 Corvette
2021 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe and Convertible | GM

The NHTSA is currently reviewing complaints about the Tremec transmission leaking. Gasket failures are generally what is causing the leaks. Some owners are seeing codes flashed that indicate transmission issues. The most common one seen is a P1789 code.

Clogged transmission filters are thought to be the cause. GM now requires Chevy techs to return all used transmission filters back to the company for review. There are now reports of a P1961 code flashing, which means the transmission must be replaced. But as of the end of October, the NHTSA had received only 21 complaints about the 2020 Corvette. 

There have been several recalls of C8 Corvettes, and some limited returns for things like bad pushrods. In some cases, the pushrods have actually broken in half. Also, there have been reports of valvetrain issues like bad valve springs. These have been fixed with new cylinder head assemblies being installed, in most cases. So the recalls have been for minor issues that don’t affect driving. 

Recalls for 2020 and 2021 Corvettes

The Chevrolet Corvette Z06's flat-plane V8 engine
The flat-plane LT6 motor | Chevrolet

2022 Z06 Corvette: Closest Thing To A Street-Legal Racecar?

The 2020 C8 had four recalls. These included a seat belt retractor not locking up during a crash, sensor issues with the electronic brakes, the infamous frunk lid flying open while driving, and the frunk release button malfunctioning. Before it can be restarted the C8 will shut down for 10 minutes.


For 2021 there has only been one NHTSA recall. It involved electronic communication issues between the airbag and ECU, causing the airbag malfunction light to illuminate. 

Granted, most of these Corvettes see only light-duty and not any daily driving chores. But there are plenty that do, and for the most part, it looks like the Corvette is doing well in spite of the Consumer Reports conclusion. As time goes on we’ll know more about how reliable C8 Corvettes really are.