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The Buick Envision is now in its second generation. It is a premium SUV that comes standard with 228 horsepower. Additionally, for 2022, Buick has reduced the MSRP of the Envision across the board. Making this vehicle slightly more affordable. But, with the turmoil of the current market, it is unclear whether this price reduction will be reflected at dealerships.

How much does the 2022 Buick Envision cost?

A luxury SUV, the Buick Envision, showing off its style.
2022 Buick Envision | Buick Media

The base price of the 2022 Buick Envision is $31,500. According to MotorTrend, this is $300 less than the outgoing model. Of course, that is just the entry price. As you climb the trim levels and add options, the cost will raise in relation to that. Other trims have also received a price reduction. Which is relatively rare in the world of modern cars.

The price breakdown of the new Envision is as follows:

  • Buick Envision Preferred: $31,500
  • Buick Envision Sport Touring: $32,945
  • Buick Envision Essence: $35,600
  • Buick Envision Avenir: $39,850

Different packages can come equipped to the Buick Envision. These options will have an effect on the price of your vehicle. It is also uncertain how dealer markups may impact the final cost. 

What’s new for the 2022 Buick Envision?

A Buick SUV explores area roads.
Buick Envision | Buick Media

The Envision received a redesign in 2021. Because of that, there are few changes for the 2022 model year. Most updates apply to the ST package which is available to the Preferred and Essence models. These updates include alloy pedal covers and more badging. There is a new paint option as well, known as “Sapphire Metallic.”

Should you buy the new Buick Envision?

The new Envision is ideal for those shopping for an SUV that offers comfort and premium features. This SUV comes equipped with noise cancellation technology. And that makes it ideal for handling things like long road trips. 

Also notable are comfortable and supportive seats. Higher trim levels deliver on things like perforated leather upholstery and heated seats for added comfort. Depending on trim, even the rear seats can come heated. Which passengers are sure to enjoy.

Additionally, this luxury SUV benefits from a commitment to safety. Things like blind-spot monitoring, rear park assist, and automatic high beams come standard. And an available 10.2-inch touchscreen will provide both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity.

Does the Buick Envision have a power liftgate?

Depending on trim level, the Buick Envision does offer a power liftgate. This will make accessing your SUV’s cargo area an easy task.

Does the Buick Envision require premium gas?

The second generation of the Buick Envision takes regular gas. But if you drive a first-generation, it may require premium gas.

Can the Buick Envision be flat towed?

The Buick Envision does offer the ability to be flat towed. It is always best practice to consult the owner’s manual to ensure you avoid damaging your luxury SUV.

What does the Buick Envision compare to?

The 2022 Buick Envision is featured at a car show.
Buick Envision | Zhe Ji via Getty Images

The Envision finds itself competing with other luxury SUVs. These include the Lexus NX, Lincoln Corsair, and Acura RDX. These vehicles each come with unique benefits, but all offer a premium driving experience.


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