2022 BMW X7 vs. Land Rover Range Rover: Consumer Reports Chooses the Better Large Luxury SUV for Tall Drivers

Any tall driver knows the struggle of finding a vehicle that’s a good fit for them—literally. While some styles or models may tick most of the boxes, overall comfort for drivers often presents a challenge. That’s why Consumer Reports zeroed in on assessing vehicles with the taller population in mind. For those who love BMW and are looking for an SUV, the list includes the 2022 BMW X7.

Consumer Reports’ list of ‘Best Cars for Tall People’

A black 2022 BMW X7 in a solid white room.
2022 BMW X7 | BMW AG

For tall drivers in the market for a new vehicle, Consumer Reports compiled a compilation of the best cars specifically for tall people. While there is no substitute for going for a test drive and checking out cars in the showroom, this list may help narrow the search. 

To come up with the top picks, Consumer Reports took its ratings and reviews specifically from its tallest staff members. That feedback added with the measurements of different vehicles are combined to make a score for how cars should suit tall people.

In addition, Consumer Reports looked at cars of different sizes and classes to provide a range of options. That way, the compilation is more comprehensive than simply picking the most oversized vehicle across the board since not everyone is looking for a bigger vehicle.

Why Consumer Reports chose the 2022 BMW X7

The X7 wins the best large luxury SUV spot for tall drivers for Consumer Reports. The sleek and cool X7 champions ratings based on several factors. For one, the X7 is BMW’s largest SUV to date. It also ranks five out of five under the comfort and convenience categories, including front seat and back seat ratings. 

Those numbers take into account measurements for shoulder room, legroom, and headroom in the vehicle. The X7 shines across the board, with some expected lower ratings for the third-row seating. 

The X7 takes the luxury and size of BMW’s longstanding 7 series and combines it with the X5 and other SUV from the automaker. While it does come with a higher MSRP range of $74,900 to $141,300, Consumer Reports notes that the investment is well worth it for the X7.

In terms of performance, the X7 boasts impressive stats for a 3.0-liter, in-line 6-cylinder engine, thanks to its M TwinPower Turbo. The base 8-speed automatic transmission is quick and responsive, Consumer Reports lauds. With such a large vehicle, that is particularly compelling. 

What’s more, the handling and power make the base engine more than ample, Consumer Reports continues. The X7 makes 335 hp and goes from 0 to 60 in 6.5 seconds as tested. It also has a comfortable ride that accommodates different road situations, a plus for tall and average-height drivers alike.

Land Rover Range Rover, the next best SUV for tall drivers


What Is the Most Comfortable Luxury Car?

As a runner-up, Consumer Reports dubs the 2022 Land Rover Range Rover “the next best alternative” to the X7. Although Consumer Reports hasn’t yet road-tested the Range Rover, its accommodations like legroom, a longer wheelbase, and overall luxury make it a fitting runner up. 

The 2022 model will also come with third-row seating, like the X7. As for styling, the Range Rover has immaculate lines on the exterior. It carries through to the interior as well, although that doesn’t mean it lacks features. The Range Rover has plenty of tech and cool features like infotainment screens and reclining rear seats, similar to the optional captain’s chairs on the X7.