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2022 BMW M440i review unit is metallic red parked on the road

2022 BMW M440i Review, Pricing, and Specs

The 2022 BMW M440i review revealed a sweet and playful coupe that always seemed eager to please its driver. The M440i isn't perfect; it's a bit cramped, the controls confound, and the suspension felt a bit soft under pressure, but the M440i's power delivery kept most negative thoughts well under control. 
  • 2022 BMW M440i ($58,500-$65,195)  
  • Trim reviewed: 2022 BMW M440i Coupe
  • Best Compact Premium Car of 2022– J.D. Power
  • Pro: Tons of power with smooth delivery from the turbo-six
  • Con: Suspension feels a little mushy
2022 BMW M440i review unit is metallic red parked on the road
2022 BMW M440i | Peter Corn

There is a reason why car nerds will corner you and talk endlessly about their various old BMWs because they are really fun cars to drive. After spending a week with the new Bimmer writing this 2022 BMW M440i review, I have felt myself becoming a little more like the BMW car nerds.

The 2022 BMW M440i review revealed a sweet and playful coupe that always seemed eager to please its driver. The M440i isn’t perfect; it’s a bit cramped, the controls confound, and the suspension felt a bit soft under pressure, but the M440i’s power delivery kept most negative thoughts well under control. 

Which BMW 4-Series trim is the best? 

the front end and controversial grille of the M440i
2022 BMW M440i | BMW

The 2022 BMW 4-Series comes in four trims/configurations:

  • 430i Coupe – $46,795
  • 430i Convertible – $54,295
  • M440i Coupe – $57,695
  • M440i Convertible – $65,195

These main configurations are fairly simple. The 2022 BMW 430i Coupe and Convertible come with a 255-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder. Meanwhile, the bigger, faster 2022 BMW M440i comes with a fire-breathing six-cylinder delivering gobs of smooth power begging to be tapped. 

The 2022 BMW M440i review unit we had was outfitted with stylish M Sport 19-inch wheels with performance run-flat tires, the M Sport suspension and rear differential, a rear spoiler; a faux-leather wrapped dashboard, and more. For a $7,500 upcharge, BMW offers both the 430i and M440i in a soft-top convertible. 

The M440i is now offered in either rear-wheel-drive or BMW’s Xdrive AWD system. Also, all trims now come with ambient lighting for the cabin. If you want to class things up a bit, the optional Premium package now includes power lumbar support, a head-up display, and gesture controls for the car’s infotainment system. There are also two new colors offered—Brooklyn Grey Metallic and Aventurin Red Metallic (as seen on my loaner.)

Is the 2022 BMW M440i fast? 

In a word, yes. The 2022 BMW M440i review revealed a power-hungry car that seemed more like a horse pointed back home than a car, always eager to get there faster. The M440i is powered by an extremely lovely turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six paired with a 48-volt hybrid system to make 382-hp. 

The steering wheel gave nice feedback and felt rigid in a good way. Like we mentioned earlier, the suspension maybe left a little to be desired on the sporty front, but it was a comfortable ride. Lastly, the brakes were strong enough to give any driver a very secure situation to push the boundaries a little bit. The big M brakes grabbed like snot. In fact, in the city, stop-and-go traffic kind of felt like someone learning to drive stick; the brakes would grab a bit too hard. 

The BMW M440i looks a bit angry

The 2022 BMW 4 Series grille has not seen much love from the BMW fans. However, I must say, during my tests, It never once bothered me. Overall, the roofline, sharp headlights, flexed haunches, flared wheel wells make for a pretty good-looking car. 

Every time I walked up to it to go for a drive or go out of it after one, I felt good. I enjoyed being seen in it. It isn’t showy enough to bring on feelings of self-consciousness but also looks nice enough to instill a slight feeling of pride. I like it. 

How nice is the 2022 BMW M440i interior? 

The interior of the 2022 BMW M440i
2022 BMW M440i interior | BMW

Like the exterior, it really makes you feel like you are in a classy and understated luxury sports sedan. My 2022 BMW M440i review unit wore Aventurin Red Metallic paint and a white leather interior. The combo was to die for. 

Although the driver seat was fine and technically roomy, the cabin felt a bit cramped because of the low-slung seating position. The back seats really put that notion in the forefront as they are clearly only meant for very compact people.

Still, the BMW M440i interior gives you a sense of quality and intentional style and design. The only part that didn’t lease the eye was the large number of confusing buttons. 

Is the M440i comfortable? 

In terms of the BMWs seats, there is a sporty hardness that starts as fun and thrilling but quickly becomes a literal pain in the ass. I found the seats to be a touch too firm for something that isn’t actually a race car. 

However, the same thing that makes more spirited driving feel a bit mushy at times is the same thing adding a touch of comfort, the suspension. Anyone driving any car with remotely firm suspension around NYC is begging for spinal compression. Graciously, the M440i was surprisingly good at taking speedbumps, potholes, manhole covers, and all other forms of NYC roadway hazards. 

The 2022 BMW M440i is plenty cozy for short jaunts, but longer hauls require regular pit stops to stretch and loosen up. 

How is the BMW M440i on tech? 

The 2022 BMW M440i review unit in premium trim was surprisingly flashy in the tech department. Of course, it had the safety tech that is expected these days, heads-up displays, lane-keep assist, and a symphony of proximity sensors for driving and parking. 

One of the coolest (and most frustrating) was the “gesture control” for the stereo system. While on a spirited rip through Marlborough, NY, my wife and I kept getting frustrated with the stereo because it would (seemingly) randomly change the song, pause the music, or turn the volume up or down. It took us an embarrassingly long time to realize we were accidentally activating the gesture controls. This feature is actually pretty fun and a cool concept, but there was also a touch of gimmick to it that cheapened the experience in some ways. 

Aside from the fun party tricks, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and in-dash navigation are all standard. At the same time, a 12.3-inch digital gauge display, onboard Wi-Fi, and a wireless smartphone charging pad are optional extras. Lastly, my favorite optional extra is the hi-fi sound package from Bose. The speaker guards look great and, more importantly, sound like a million bucks. 

What gas mileage does the 2022 BMW M440i get?

The six-cylinder M440i is rated at 22 mpg city and 31 highway. The problem is, this MPG rating is only true if you behave yourself. I averaged much closer to 22 mpg overall, and I still didn’t think I was really putting my foot in it all that much. 

The smaller BMW 430i delivers much better fuel economy with 34 mpg combined. While this is killer gas mileage for something so sporty, I would argue most BMW buyers aren’t looking for the best fuel economy. This is why sacrificing the perfection that is the M440i’s inline-six seems like the more boring call

How safe is the BMW M440i? 

bird's eye view of the BMW M440i
2022 BMW M440i | BMW

Although the IIHS and NHTSA haven’t rated the 2022 BMW 4-Series yet, the 2022 BMW M440i review unit, as tested, had tons of safety features. It has heads-up displays, lane-keep assist, collision warning, and tons of driving and parking sensors. To find out more about crash ratings and further safety scores, make sure to check the NHTSA and IIHS websites. 

What are the maintenance costs of a BMW M440i? 

According to, owners of the 2021 model said that the average amount they spent on maintenance jobs was $142. Most maintenance services range from $65-$645. As is common with many sports cars, the most commonly replaced part was brake pads. The second most common job was the cabin air filter. Overall, it seems that the M440i is fairly reliable, at least in its first few years. 

The BMW 4-Series standard warranty offerings are fairly basic. BMW makes up for that with a three-year complimentary maintenance plan. The limited warranty covers four years or 50,000 miles, and the powertrain warranty covers the same. Complimentary maintenance is covered for three years or 36,000 miles. 

The 2022 BMW M440i review showed us a thrilling car

2022 BMW 4-series in blue
2022 BMW M440i | BMW

Sure there are plenty of things to nit-pick about any sports car, but overall, the 2022 BMW M440i coupe is a thrilling and beautiful car that instills a sense of pride in the driver. I’m beginning to get why BMW people are the way they are about their bimmers. 

Motorbiscuit gives the 2022 BMW M440i an expert review of 7.4 out of 10

The tech is fancy and fun, the interior is beautiful, the exterior feels thoughtful, and power is to die for. However, I do wish there was just a touch more feeling. What I mean is, between the squishy suspension and somewhat computery steering. It needs just a touch more pizzaz to push it from a pretty cool car to a great car. A little spirit and wildness could go a long way, but still, it is a fun car that should give any driver the feeling that they have treated themselves. 


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