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If you’re in the market for a brand new luxury SUV, the 2022 Acura RDX and 2022 Audi Q3 should be on your list of options. Each one is an excellent choice but has its advantages over opponents. Find out which luxury SUV wins as we compare passenger and cargo space, technology and features, fuel economy, and price.

2022 Acura RDX vs. 2022 Audi Q3

A blue 2022 Acura RDX is it better than a 2022 Audi Q3? Luxury SUV comparison.
2022 Acura RDX | Acura

Both the 2022 Acura RDX and 2022 Audi Q3 are entry-level SUVs for their respective brands. One noticeable difference is that the Audi Q3 is smaller than the RDX. However, what it lacks in size, it makes up for elsewhere. Unfortunately, neither option offers hybrid or electric powertrains, so this is a gas-only comparison. Both options pack a lot of technology and features into a small space, but for a price.

Acura RDX vs. Audi Q3: passenger and cargo space

2022 Acura RDX vs. 2022 Audi Q3 which is the better luxury SUV? Price, features, fuel economy, technology, and more.
2022 Acura RDX | Acura

According to KBB, the 2022 Acura RDX has a spacious interior cabin. The interior quality is also exceptional, and it’s pretty comfortable to ride inside. Plenty of space is provided for the front and rear passengers, with 38-inches of legroom for rear occupants. Additionally, nearly 60 cubic feet of cargo space is available in the trunk. That is to say, there’s plenty of room for multiple people and tons of cargo inside a 2022 RDX.

The smaller of the two models is still surprisingly roomy. Labeled a “subcompact SUV,” the Audi Q3 could fool you with its interior. Similarly, the quality of materials and the ride are luxurious and comfortable. There’s plenty of space (albeit less) for rear passengers in the Q3 as well. The cargo area measures 23.7 cubic feet, great for an SUV in the subcompact category. However, it is notably behind the RDX in this area, as one would expect.

Acura RDX vs. Audi Q3: features and technology

Above all, a laundry list of standard features are included with every 2022 Acura RDX model. Firstly, some highlights include a panoramic roof, heated front seats, and a well-equipped infotainment system. Secondly, the 10.2-inch display has Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Amazon Alexa capability, Wi-Fi connectivity, USB-A and USB-C ports, plus a suite of driver assistance features.

Audi’s SUV offering isn’t too much different. The 2022 Q3 comes with an 8.8-inch touchscreen featuring Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, four USB ports, Amazon Alexa capability, and more. Additionally, driver assistance features like hill descent control, forward collision avoidance, and blind-spot monitoring are standard. Of course, the upper trim levels will only add more features and technology to both luxury SUV models.

Acura RDX vs. 2022 Audi Q3: fuel economy and price

2022 Audi Q3 luxury SUV, is it better than the 2022 Acura RDX in price, features, technology, fuel economy, and more?
2022 Audi Q3 | Audi

The 2022 Acura RDX Just Got More Expensive

The 2022 Acura RDX luxury SUV gets an average of 22 city and 28 highway miles per gallon. Moreover, it’s 272 horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine provides plenty of power without entering dangerously low gas mileage territory. It isn’t the best fuel economy, but it isn’t the worst either. Most importantly, the Acura RDX starts at $40,100.

For the 2022 Audi Q3, its smaller size allows it to be a bit more fuel-efficient than its opponent. On average, the Q3’s 184 to 228 horsepower engines offer up to 23 city and 30 highway mpg. It does beat the RDX by quite a margin, but is it worth the lack of space? Above all, Audi’s entry-level SUV offering starts at just $35,900.

2022 Audi Q3 trimPrice2022 Acrua RDX trimPrice
Premium 40$37,095Base$40,345
S line Premium$39,395Technology$42,995
Premium Plus 40$40,395A-Spec$45,995
S line Premium Plus$42,695Advance$50,345
PMC Edition$55,295
Prices and trim levels from Car and Driver, after destination fees.

2022 Acura RDX vs. 2022 Audi Q3: Which luxury SUV is better?

In conclusion, in our Acura RDX vs. Audi Q3 luxury SUV comparison, each model has its advantages. In short, the benefits of the 2022 Acura RDX include interior spaciousness, standard features, and technology. Although the 2022 Audi Q3 is a subcompact model, it doesn’t fall too short in terms of space. It also comes well-equipped with plenty of technology, better fuel economy, and a lower starting price. Which luxury SUV is right for you?