2022 Acura Integra Specs: Everything We Know so Far

When was the last time more hype surrounded a vehicle like the 2022 Acura Integra? Maybe the new Toyota Supra? Even then, we know this will be a 100% Honda/Acura effort. However, the revival of a JDM hero like the Integra Type R will surely bring rose-colored glasses and pitchforks.

There’s precious little information out there right now, but we’ve put it all in one place. There isn’t as much information out there as you’d think, but what little there is will certainly be worth sharing.

Acura won’t say much about the new 2022 Acura Integra

The headlight of the white 2022 Acura Integra
The new 2022 Acura Integra | Acura

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Right now, we’ve got just about nothing on the 2022 Acura Integra. Given the architecture that the new Integra will be based on, we’re not even sure how many doors it will have. Thankfully, MotorTrend was kind enough to go ask someone at Acura. They didn’t get very far, getting nothing more than a big, fat “maybe” from Acura Brand Officer John Ikeda. Seriously, all he said was “maybe.”

Remember, it used to be that you could get a 4-door Integra. Sure, they were a lot less common than the coupe, but they were an option. Or maybe we just remember it that way? Regardless, the looks are certainly a big mystery, given that we’ve got nothing but the image above to show.

Is the Integra a Honda or Acura?

A blue Honda Civic Type R shot from the front 3/4 at sunset
The current Honda Civic Type R | Honda

That said, the 2022 Acura Integra will be an Acura on the outside, not a Honda. However, it could have the heart of a Honda. You can read more on the specifics of that below. In summary, the most likely candidate for the new Integra’s engine is the Honda K20C1 turbocharged 4-pot found in the excellent Honda Civic Type R.

Let’s pretend that’s exactly the case. Or more likely, that we’ll be seeing a juiced-up version in the ‘Teggy. That means the 2022 Acura Integra specs sheet will look something like this: A 0-60 of around 4.9 seconds, 300+ hp, 300+ lb-ft of torque, and a curb weight of around 3,100 lbs. Promising stuff to be sure.

The new Integra will be held to an incredibly high standard

A '90s white Acura Integra and its driver shot from the front 3/4
The classic Acura Integra in Championship White | Myung J. Chun via Getty Images

And it better be. Despite how little information is out there, the new Integra is already being held to an incredibly high standard. That’s probably because of what a legend the Acura Integra Type R came to be. Hell, what are the chances you’ll be able to get a new Acura Integra for less than a clean, low-mile vintage Integra Type R?

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