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There is a market for everything, and this two-door GMC Sierra should be on the market, but it isn’t. So a company in Arkansas has plans to make these converted Sierras for all takers. And just for some added spice, the top is removable, just like the Chevy K5 Blazers of old.

From retro Tahoes to a two-door GMC Sierra

 retro Chevy Tahoe
Flat Out Autos retro Chevy Tahoe | FOA

Flat Out Autos is into building unique trucks for its clients, as it did with those retro Blazers it makes from Chevy Tahoes. Do you remember those? They looked like a 1970 Blazer but had a contemporary upper because they were really Tahoes under the retro skin. Flat Out has done five so far, including four going to a single customer.

So now the company has its sights set on taking GMC Sierra 1500 regular cab pickups and making them two-door SUVs. It only exists as a rendering now, but plans are in the works to begin making them. They will all be 4×4 models featuring that removable roof and a fold-down tailgate too.

Customers can option a new two-door GMC Sierra any way they wish

two-door K5 concept
Flat Out Autos two-door GMC K5 concept | FOA

We expect that the donor truck will be optioned based on what the customer wants or brings to the shop. So anything from the 3.0-liter turbodiesel engine to the 6.2-liter V8 could be found under the hoods of these conversions. Of course, anything from the aftermarket could be added.

Pricing and availability have not been announced. We expect that the price will be north of what Flat Out’s K5 Tahoe conversions cost, which is $69,000. But don’t forget, that includes parts and labor, including a complete repaint. Most custom paint shops won’t take in a vehicle for less than $10,000 these days. So 69 big ones doesn’t really seem that outrageous when you put it in perspective. 

Would GMC build two-door Blazers?

1977 Chevy K5
1977 Chevy K5 Blazer | GM

Would GM ever consider this type of vehicle for production? Hell, no. It’s overwhelmed with the current trucks it produces while plowing all of its development money into EVs. As we have seen with sedans, the slower-selling vehicles it once made just don’t fit into the GM of today. That also includes Ford and Stellantis. 

If the current Bronco is any indication, then GM has another reason not to make them. Ford says the ratio of sales for two-door Broncos is four to one; that being four four-doors to one two-door. So if you want a two-door Blazer, but could handle it being a Bronco, Ford will make you one for $35,000 all day long.

Custom shops can

retro Chevy Tahoe
Flat Out Autos retro Chevy Tahoe | FOA

But that’s where upfitters and custom shops come into play. With the technology and expertise that exists today, almost anything can be made. The only obstacles are your imagination and the price. 

With any luck, Flat Out will be showing off a two-door Blazer at the 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, in November. That is where it has debuted other projects. So let’s hope we can see this rendering come to life in November.


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