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Who doesn’t love packing up the car taking road trips? Adventure-bound families fit everyone they can in and head out on the open road, searching for fun at every stop. But road trips are easier when the car is working with you, not against you. That’s why the 2021 Toyota Sienna, an already excellent family hauler, is stuffed with features that’ll make long drives even easier.

2021 Toyota Sienna Rear Seats
2021 Toyota Sienna Rear Seats | Toyota

The 2021 Toyota Sienna seat layout is incredibly intuitive

We’ll start with what may be the most important feature of the car: the seating arrangement. Everyone wants to be comfortable, and the Toyota Sienna’s interior does an excellent job of making sure everyone has room to breathe. Not only are the second-row captain’s chairs comfortable, but they slide a full 25 inches up and down to make sure the rear passengers have legroom too. If there are no third-row passengers, however, the captain’s chairs can also recline, featuring built-in ottomans. And if there are no passengers at all, they can be removed entirely for added storage space.

And then there’s the third row of seating itself, which can be tucked away at the pull of a handle. But on the previous generation, getting the seats back up took some effort. So Toyota redesigned the rear seats for the 2021 model. Now they’re so lightweight, they actually won an award for it. So everyone’s happy in a Toyota Sienna, but how ready is it to tackle your next road trip?

The Toyota Sienna is prepared for any adventure

2021 Toyota Sienna Trunk With Rear Seats Folded Down And Captain's Chair Taken Out
2021 Toyota Sienna Trunk | Toyota

Anyone who has been on a long drive will tell you that their favorite moment was stopping. Whether to take a breather, use the restroom, or grab a gas station slushie, it’s always welcomed. And those slushies will be quite at home in the Sienna, thanks to the 16 built-in cupholders.

7 USB charging points are scattered throughout the cabin. And to keep the passengers entertained, the Sienna can be fitted with an entertainment package. This gives the second row an 11-inch display with an HDMI plug, as well as two pairs of wireless headphones for watching shows or playing video games.

Though to power all your gizmos, you’re going to need some power. In the entertainment package, optional 1500w power outlets come in the second and third rows. Though this isn’t just good for electronics, as the Sienna is perfectly optimized to perform camper van duties. Plug all your camping gear in, lights and grilles, so long as you don’t exceed 1500w between both outlets. That’d end your camping trip on a rather sour note.

So the features of the 2021 Toyota Sienna are snazzy, and it’s ready for consoles and camping. But the car itself is nothing to sneeze at either.

The Sienna’s other excellent stats

Red 2021 Toyota Sienna Driving Down The Highway
2021 Toyota Sienna | Toyota

Turns Out the 2021 Toyota Sienna Won’t Come With a Fridge

For starters, Toyota swapped all Siennas with a hybrid system rather than the V6 of yesteryear. While some may complain that this makes things more complicated, they’ll can it once they experience 36 mpg on the highway and an average of 35 mpg combined. And with 245 horsepower and available AWD, the Sienna is capable of towing up to 3,500 lbs. In other words, the Sienna is no sissy.

Put it all together and you have a minivan that can get the family, the dog, and all your gear to and fro with no drama. But that does come at a price. The base model 2021 Toyota Sienna will cost you $34,000, and fully loaded it’ll run well over $50,000. It’s not cheap, but at the end of the day, it’s got all the things you’d want to have while on the open road. And that peace of mind while comfortably cruising down the highway might make it worth the extra money.