This 2021 Toyota Sienna Feature Makes It a Perfect Van for Families

Buying a car for your family can be tough. New parents have a particularly tough decision to make when choosing which vehicle is best for keeping their families safe. Minivans are a bit of a cliche at this point, but families choose them because they are often built with handy features specific to parents and children. The new 2021 Toyota Sienna just introduced a new feature that makes it the perfect van for families. 

The 2021 Toyota Sienna might be the perfect van for families

Installing a car seat properly is obviously a task that has to be done without mistake. So, when a new parent has to do this for the first time, how are they supposed to feel secure in the installation? YouTube? A random article on the internet? I don’t think so, and neither does Toyota. 

a 2021 Toyota Sienna Platinum parked out in the desert
2021 Toyota Sienna Platinum | Toyota

According to RoadShow, Toyota is taking things into its own hands on this subject. Toyota now offers a tutorial through the Toyota owners app called “Toyota for Families.” This free feature gives clear and specific instructions on installing a car seat properly. The app only features the 2021 Sienna for now. Toyota says other models will be included in the app soon. This is aimed at giving parents (particularly new parents) the confidence in knowing that they have put the car seat in as safely as possible. 

The Toyota app has a lot of horsepower behind it

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Lindsey Babian, the engineer of body design for seats for Toyota, said in a statement Tuesday, “I designed the parts for securely attaching a car seat myself, yet there is still some confusion about proper car seat installation, which can become a real problem.” She went on to explain, “When Jen [vice chair-elect of the National Child Passenger Safety Board] approached me with this, I saw the need for a solution. Now, parents, caregivers and grandparents who find it a challenge will have a tool to help them succeed.” 

The Toyota Sienna is ready for your family 

The team working on this project for Toyota has years of experience in everything from product design to safety and performance. This app adds credence to the Toyota Sienna as the perfect van for families. It gives owners the resources they need to keep their children safe. Not only does the app provide detailed instructions on how to install car seats, but it also shows the best place to install them in the 2021 Toyota Sienna. 

The Toyota for Families resource will also help parents or caretakers decide which car seat is most appropriate for a child based on size and weight. This feature is a full-service resource to equip people with everything they need to drive kids in the perfect van for families safely. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did a study that found that properly installed car seats can reduce the probability of serious injury up to 70 percent. This data is pretty hard to argue. Knowing that information, you’d think every automobile manufacturer would follow Toyota’s lead. All companies should make clear and specific instructions for mounting car seats in the proper place.