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The 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime is a lot more affordable than most consumers realize. The RAV4 Prime is almost $40,000, but thanks to a major tax credit, its actual price is a lot cheaper. Here’s everything you need to know about the Toyota RAV4 Prime price after incentives.

The 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime price is actually affordable

A red 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime is driving on the road.
The 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime | Toyota

The 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime starts at $38,350. The RAV4 starts at $26,350. This may seem like a huge difference in price, and rightfully so, considering the Prime’s expensive hybrid powertrain. The RAV4 Prime is the most expensive RAV4 model, even outpricing the $37,430 Toyota RAV4 Limited Hybrid. The beauty of the RAV4 Prime is that it is eligible for an EV tax credit.

The RAV4 Prime is eligible for a $7,500 federal electric vehicle tax credit. After the tax credit, the RAV4 Prime’s price becomes just $30,850. Suddenly Toyota’s powerful new plug-in hybrid vehicle doesn’t seem so expensive.

The 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime provides incredible value for its price

The Toyota RAV4 Prime uses a 2.5-liter four-cylinder hybrid engine and two electric motors to make a massive 302 horsepower. It gets 40 miles per gallon in the city and 36 miles per gallon on the highway.

The RAV4 Prime has an electric-only range of 42 miles. According to MotorTrend, it has a total range of about 600 miles. On top of having incredible fuel efficiency and an exhilarating powertrain, it also features fabric-trimmed seats with red stitching, heated front seating, a leather-trimmed steering wheel, and a soft-touch dash and armrests.

The RAV4 Prime is a steal after the electric vehicle tax credit because it provides all the value of a high-level RAV4 trim for just a few thousand dollars extra. The Prime is only $4,500 more than a base model Toyota RAV4 after the tax credit. For that extra $4,500, you get one of the mightiest hybrid powertrains on the market, a refined cabin, and plenty of great standard features. Biden’s electric dream is benefitting American consumers in a big way when it comes to federal tax incentives.

Should you buy a Toyota RAV4 Prime?

The 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime on display during the AutoMobility LA event, at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show in Los Angeles, California on November 21, 2019. - The four-day press and trade event precedes the Los Angeles Auto Show, which runs November 22 through December 1.
The Toyota RAV4 Prime | Mark Ralston/AFP via Getty Images

The 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime is an amazing hybrid SUV model. Considering its low price after the EV tax incentive, the Prime is definitely a hybrid SUV worth looking into. It boasts amazing fuel economy that is bound to change the way consumers view SUVs, and its electric-only range is intriguing.

It may just be the best RAV4 ever made because of its quick acceleration, fuel efficiency, and affordable price. Will the 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime become the most popular SUV in America? Only time will tell.


Is the 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime Really Worth the Marked-Up Price?