The 2021 Toyota Corolla Actually Has Eight Trim Levels

It isn’t unusual to see a car with several trim levels. In fact, it would be weird not to. The base model, or usually the most affordable model, is the basis for which higher trim levels improve on. This could mean anything from changes in appearances to upgrades in tech and safety features — of course, at a price. It’s typical to see cars, trucks, and even SUVs with a handful of trim levels to pick from, sometimes varying between drivetrains and transmission options, but the 2021 Toyota Corolla has a surprising number of trim levels.

The 2021 Toyota Corolla is versatile

By itself, there are a lot of things about the 2021 Toyota Corolla that makes it so versatile. For a reasonable price, buyers expect safety, reliability, comfort, and a solid foundation of high-tech touches and features. For generations, Toyota has delivered on those expectations, leaving drivers wanting the Corolla as a first, second, and even third vehicle. From families to high schoolers to commuters, there are so many reasons why the well-rounded sedan is loved by the majority.

a red toyota corolla hatchback on a black background
2021 Toyota Corolla Hatchback | Toyota

Not just trim levels

The 2021 Toyota Corolla doesn’t just come in several trim levels, it also comes in several different body types, including a sedan and a hatchback. With the hatchback option, drivers can get an additional amount of trunk space without having to deal with larger options like crossovers or SUVs, and it makes it one of a handful of vehicles serving the niche market of hatchback owners and hot hatch fans.

2021 Toyota Corolla Hatchback | Toyota

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Trim level options

Part of what makes the Corolla so versatile is that it is available with eight trim levels. Sportier options like the Apex trim level cater to drivers looking for a more aggressive appearance, while the other variations in trim level are all designed to cater to different driving styles. As one of the brand’s most popular vehicles, it makes sense that they would focus on diversifying it as much as possible.

The rear spoiler of a 2021 Toyota Corolla Apex
2021 Toyota Corolla Apex | Toyota

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