2021 Tokyo Auto Salon: Check Out These Wacky Honda Concepts

The 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon is back but this year it is virtual. That didn’t stop Honda from debuting two concepts based on production models we want but can’t get in the US. One is based on the Honda N-Van while the other is a camper modded Fit. So sit back and check out these wacky Honda concepts from Tokyo.

Honda’s N-Van concept is a smallish van given the roach coach treatment

Honda N-Van “3rd Place Van” | Honda

Honda’s N-Van is a smallish van that has been given the roach coach treatment. Painted to look like it is pressed out of stainless steel, Honda calls it the “3rd Place Van.” What that means we don’t know? We also don’t know what the thinking is behind outfitting an N-Van to resemble a mobile café? 

The black wheels, chrome rack on the top and running lights are all added elements not found on stock N-Vans. Honda says, “it is a model that proposes it as a trailer-style cafe that seamlessly connects work and hobbies, such as staying in a cafe on weekdays and in a car on holidays.” OK, then! We spy a counter and possibly food racks inside but Honda’s press info is shy about revealing exactly what’s inside. 

The e:HEV Fit concept is inspired by the Honda Hunter Cub motorcycle

Honda e:HEV Crosstar Custom Fit | Honda

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At least the Fit makes a bit more sense. It is inspired by the Honda Hunter Cub motorcycle. To that end, there are a number of off-road mods. First is that it is lifted, enhanced by the Toyo off-road tires and black steel wheels. Honda calls this the “e:HEV Crosstar Custom.” A Yakima roof rack and cargo tubs, black body details, and the soft tan paint are all changes that aren’t available with a stock Fit. The front end has been slightly restyled including what looks to be a skid plate incorporated into the valance. 

While the US has a version of the Fit the model sold in Japan is completely different from the Fit sold here. The N-Van, popular in Japan for all kinds of different modifications, was never offered here. The virtual Tokyo Auto Salon show kicks off next week. We’re sure there will be more concept debuts and other news which MotorBiscuit will bring you.