2021 Tesla Model Y Not Recommended by Consumer Reports

The 2021 Tesla Model Y failed to gain a Consumer Reports recommendation. The EV scored very well during road testing and predicted owner satisfaction. What is it that brought down the Model Y’s overall Consumer Reports score?

The Model Y draws both praise and criticism from test drivers

Consumer Reports test drivers provided mixed feedback on the 2021 Tesla Model Y. The car impressed reviewers with its handling. Reviewers commented that the Model Y drives like a sports car. Testers mentioned that the Model Y is responsive, quick, and fun to drive.

Reviewers liked the roomy feel of the interior and the quality of the seats. Driver comfort was interrupted by a stiff ride that was compared to the Model 3. Confusing controls brought Tesla’s score down even further. Reviewers mentioned visual disorganization as a significant pain point.

The 2021 Model Y’s headlights scored low. Its limited trunk space was also mentioned as a blow against the Tesla Model Y. Interior style is a strong point for this Model Y. Testers loved the clean lines, spacious feel, and elegant design.

The one category that leaves owners dissatisfied

Consumer Reports rates vehicles for owner satisfaction among many other categories. The 2021 Tesla Model Y achieved high overall owner satisfaction ratings but fell short in one critical area. Consumer reports owner satisfaction scores are based on a scale from one to 100.

The Model Y’s drive rating remained high in both the owner satisfaction survey and the road test. Its second-highest owner satisfaction score was in styling. The high marks start to slide in comfort. What really pulled down the score was its low rating for value. Sitting at just 49 out of 100, it’s clear that the 2021 Tesla Model Y feels expensive for what drivers can expect.

Tesla’s 2021 Model Y scores low in a major category

For many car shoppers, a high Consumer Reports rating is synonymous with reliability. A wealth of data and expertise stand behind these ratings, which many swear by. The reliability score is critical to a car’s recommendation. The 2021 Tesla Model Y’s overall Consumer Reports rating is 49. That low of an assessment determines why the Model Y is not endorsed.

The 2021 Model Y scored a one out of a possible 5 in the reliability category. Production delays, safety recalls, and consumer complaints about the 2020 year model contributed to this low assessment. This dismal reliability score likely played a large part in Tesla’s low rating.

Many of the Model Y’s issues are likely growing pains


Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Just Got a Bunch of Upgrades

Several EVs have received low-reliability ratings, been subject to sweeping recalls, and made headlines with major issues. As the automotive industry continues to shift toward electric vehicles, technology will continue to evolve. That process is naturally messy and requires constant trial and error.

It’s unlikely that the recent spat of EV issues are indicative of the overall reliability of electric vehicles. The technology may not be brand new, but it is evolving at a rapid pace. When advancement outpaces, long-term testing products hit the market with undiscovered faults. Buyers should use their best judgment but not shy away from new electric vehicles.