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Electric vehicles are fast becoming the rage. And more consumers are embracing EVs than ever before, even if saving the environment isn’t the primary incentive. Today’s EVs are sleek, powerful, capable, and affordable. And next up are highly anticipated electric pickup trucks, with the Ford F-150 Lightning dominating headlines. But what about the new Rivian R1T? 

We’re halfway through the year and one step closer to the Tesla Cybertruck’s debut. So when will the Rivian R1T be available to see in person? And how can shoppers test-drive one for themselves?

What the Rivian R1T brings to the table

Truck enthusiasts will get the muscle they need with all-wheel drive and 754 hp in the quickest 135.0-kWh model, Car and Driver reports. Plus, with an electric motor at each wheel point, the Rivian R1T will be able to “tank turn,” spinning on its own axis like a moon vehicle.

Expect a Launch Edition and an Explore model with a Max battery pack option delivering 400 miles on a single charge. All the interior extras or high-end, too, including heated seats and faux leathers. And as is expected with an electric vehicle, the Rivian R1T is loaded with driver assist technology and modern, almost futuristic capabilities.

Rivian could have a leg up on Tesla

Though the Rivian R1T and Tesla Cybertruck offer many similar features, some observers are already suggesting Rivian has a leg up. As the race to launch continues, the R1T might beat the Cybertruck to market. That advantage in timing alone could spark more sales for Rivian.

HotCars points out the R1T will take the lead against Tesla in base model capabilities, too. All Rivian pickups will offer a minimum range of over 300 miles. Additionally, all R1T models will come with level three semiautonomous tech. Notably, this tech is not anywhere near self-driving. And though it offers some guidance in a momentary, hands-free capacity, there’s no safe substitute for driver alertness. 

And Digitaltrends makes a strong point for styling. The Cybertruck’s looks are completely different from any other vehicle on the road today. The boxy lines and beefy stance might attract some consumers, but maybe not the masses. The Rivian R1T offers a more traditional pickup design, which might appeal to the everyday driver. 

The Rivian R1T’s release date and information so far

The time is now. Rivian says it will start delivering the R1T in June. The Launch Edition will land first, with its $75,000 price tag. The Explore trim will likely join the lineup in 2022. And all three battery pack options — 105 kWh, 135 kWh, and 180 kWh — will be available. 

How can you test-drive this electric truck?

When Rivian says it will deliver the R1T to consumers, it doesn’t mean via dealerships. Much like Tesla does with its independent network of stores and service centers, Rivian will also have its own network of consumer-facing stores. And as this network continues to develop, Rivian also says the R1S electric SUV will join the ranks.

Be on the lookout in your neck of the woods. A Rivian service center or store might pop up nearby. The Rivian R1T is expected to come out in June. And based on the reviews so far, it will be a ground-breaking EV everyone should at least see in person. 


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