The 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 Tells Time in More Ways Than 1

Telling time has evolved. From watching the sky to glancing at a smartphone, it’s easy to say that we’ve come pretty far. The 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 takes telling time to the next level. This Mercedes SUV has some surprises in store when it comes to knowing what’s going on with the earth is as it turns on its axis.

The Mercedes-Benz head-up display is a standout in the industry. When I received the 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLB250 for testing I quickly learned what all the fuss is about. The display cluster as a whole works with the MBUX infotainment to create a remarkably intuitive system. In fact, it gives drivers and passengers the opportunity to customize and control a vast array of features.

What comes standard on the 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLB 250?

The Monroney sticker for the 2021 GLB 250 4Matic SUV that I drove shows a starting price of $40,050. The standard features list isn’t exactly modest either. However, some might say the engine power is in fact a bit modest. This is no AMG V8 we’re talking about.

dash display of the 2021 GLB 250 illuminated in red
2021 Mercedes-benz GLB 250 interior | MBUSA

The 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 employs a 2-liter turbocharged inline-four. Although a bit on the tame side, this powerplant still creates up to 221 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. Our tester is a 4Matic model. That means that this unit costs a bit more than the two-wheel-drive base model because of its all-wheel-drive powertrain.

Also standard for the 2021 GLB 250 4Matic SUV are both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These are included with other basic standard features like Bluetooth connectivity and rain-sensing windshield wipers. But some fancier features are on the list as well––a power liftgate and 115V AC power outlet for example. Plus, the upscale interior materials and full safety suite are standard as well.

How does the GLB 250 tell time?

The 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 4Matic SUV that we drove had some extras. It had some AMG stylistic details and suspension tuning. Additionally, the tester featured the Premium Package. This included some niceties like automatic fold-in rearview mirrors, a 10.25-inch display, and a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster.

Of course, you can always check the time by glancing at the center display screen. But it’s also easy to see what time it is by looking at the digital cluster. In my opinion, however, the coolest thing about this Mercedes-Benz SUV is the fact that the upgraded digital cluster that’s included in the Premium Package even tells you what phase the moon is in.

The packages are worth it

For me, this really takes it up a notch. The navigation that is included in the Multimedia Package as part of the Premium Package is also advanced. The view of the map shifts in or outward depending on the speed. It zooms in when you are traveling at slower speeds and out when moving more quickly so that you can see a broader view of the navigation.


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After driving the 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 with the Premium Package, I’d recommend the package as an add-on for anyone looking at this model. While I imagine the Mercedes-Benz head-up display is fine without this addition, it sure was easy to get used to all the extras that came with the premium package. For about $3 grand more, the premium amenities that this addition brings to the infotainment and display are worthwhile.