2021 Mercedes AMG GLE 63 S Handles Like A Porsche-Looks Like A Taxi

It’s the package you would want from a Mercedes, but does it look like a New York taxi? We can’t say the look of the 2021 Mercedes AMG GLE 63 S is something we aspire to own. It looks like a bloated CLS, but it’s got almost double the horsepower. So we guess you could say it performs like a Porsche but looks like a taxi cab.

We’ll start with the good. The high-riding AMG GLE sedan that Mercedes calls a “Coupe” packs 607 hp 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8. This is an all-new power plant for 2021. As Mercedes attempts to comply with the new European emissions standards this is a rare high-performance offering. Don’t expect too many more.

The GLE 63 S gets some power help with the EQ Boost hybrid system

It’s also got a mild hybrid “EQ Boost” system that can stab an additional 21 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque. It can launch this bloatmobile from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds. That’s consistent with that other fat sedan the BMW X6 M Competition. That’s Mercedes’ benchmark for this exercise. 

The nine-speed automatic splits gears to get the 2021 Mercedes AMG GLE 63 S some fairly decent fuel economy numbers. The V8 also gets some help from cylinder deactivation. With the AMG tweaked air suspension, roll control, and four-wheel steer, this fatty can handle. Top speed is listed as 174 mph but we probably wouldn’t want to be hitting that mark too often.

The AMG GLE 63 S has an air suspension and driving modes for almost any situation

Because this is an SUV in many ways the air suspension and damper rates maintain ride height whether hauling sacks of cement or hauling ass. You can select different driving modes that also adjust ride height. The Comfort mode varies ride height depending on the speed you’re at. Sand and Trail mode gives the maximum amount of ground clearance. Sport and Sport + modes lower the GLE if you’re so inclined. On our LA freeways, the expansion joints on the freeway would cause dizziness in any Sport mode.

Helping in that pursuit is the all-wheel-drive, locking rear differential, and low-profile skins on 22-inch rims. Four-wheel disc brakes are six-piston up front.

The GLE interior design is all-new for 2021 and features the details Mercedes is known for

The redesigned for 2021 interior features those typical Mercedes elements that it’s known for. Rich Napa leather, MBUX entertainment system, carbon-fiber trim, and variable mood lighting. The dash is simple and pleasing, with a 12.3-inch high-def screen packaged well into the dash. The AMG seats feature contrasting two-tone leather running along the higher surfaces and bolsters. 

If you’re looking for a little less bling there is an AMG Night Package that features most of the exterior trim and wheels murdered out. In all the 2021 Mercedes AMG GLE 63 S looks like the answer to a question no one was asking which is, “Can I get a high-performance SUV that looks awkward and doesn’t handle or look better than a Porsche Cayenne coupe?” 

While Mercedes offers almost everything it makes with the AMG massage if a performance Mercedes is your thing you should take them up on it soon. We anticipate the availability of AMG-type vehicles will evaporate as German manufacturers tackle the harsh emissions and economy mandates set in Europe. Its company averages can’t be helped by anything AMG which will lead to those being eliminated as we get to the middle of the decade.