2021 Lincoln Navigator Reserve L vs. Black Label: Is 1 Worth $13,000 More Than the Other?

The SUV market is crowded with luxurious and powerful vehicles. But few SUVs combine a spacious interior, upmarket features with a monstrous towing capacity like the Lincoln Navigator. Since it was redesigned in 2018, Navigator has continued to rival other SUVs such as the Escalade and Land Rover. Designed with a powerful powertrain and advanced safety features, the Navigator exudes classical luxury enlaced with contemporary hi-tech features. 

The 2021 Navigator is powered by a 450-hp turbocharged V6 engine, which tows up to 8,700 pounds. With excellent trim, this SUV is equipped with the latest tech gadgets, and you can configure it either as a seven- or an eight-passenger vehicle. Black Label is the most luxurious of the 2021 Navigator models, and it is priced within the range of Mercedes-Benz GL5. But is it worth $13,000 more than Reserve L? 

The 2021 Lincoln Navigator trims 

Basically, Lincoln produces the Navigator in three trims: the base model, Reserve, and Black Label. The automaker also offers Navigator L featuring a long wheelbase. All the models come with a 3.5-liter engine mated with a 10-speed automatic transmission, with the Black Label coming as a four-wheel-drive SUV. 

Most SUV lovers should be contented with the lower trim, which goes for around $78,000. However, if you are looking for better driver assistance features and comfort, you can either settle for Reserve L or Black Label. The former costs around $85,000 while the latter costs around $98,000. 

The 2021 Navigator carries standard features such as heated seats, Apple CarPlay, tri-zone automatic climate control, and wireless device charging. Also, driver assistance features including parking sensors, blind-spot monitoring, collision warning, and automatic emergency braking are standard features of the 2021 Navigator. 

What’s unique with Navigator Reserve L? 


Would You Pay $6,000 More for the 2021 Lincoln Navigator Reserve?

On top of the standard features, the Lincoln Navigator Reserve has 24-way position-perfect front seats that are power-adjustable, large alloy wheels, a panoramic sunroof, and adaptive cruise control. Several features absent in the standard version are optional add-ons on Reserve. Besides the stop-and-go cruise control system, the Reserve also boasts of electronic traction assistance, a heavy-duty radiator, the trailer backup 

The Reserve trim adds exciting luxury and driver-assistance features, making up for the additional costs. Well, there isn’t much difference between the Reserve and Reserve L trims. The major difference is that Reserve L has a long wheelbase and an L-body type. It costs $3,000 more with the extra cost accounting for more stability on the road and better handling. The shape and size of Reserve L support superior handling features such as roll stability control and side-wind stabilization. 

Is Lincoln Navigator Black Label worth its price? 

While the Lincoln Navigator Black Label comes standard with nearly everything you can get other trims, it comes at $13,000 more. Car and Driver argues that notable additions to Black Label include a rear-seat entertainment system with dual 10-inch screens. The Black Label also has the L wheelbase version, which costs $3,000 more. The choice between a longer wheelbase and the standard wheelbase comes down to the preference of the driver. 

The Black Label blossoms with luxury and elegance with its first and second row illuminated seat belt buckles accentuated by an illuminated Lincoln star on the exterior. The head-up display and descent control which were previously available as optional add-ons on the lower trims are standard features on Black Label.

The Lincoln Navigator Black Label is an all-wheel-drive SUV decorated with chic custom floor mats. You can choose how the interior features appear by selecting any of the three themes; Chalet, Yacht Club, and Destination that comes with this high-class trim. 

From 22-inch alloy rims, high-end driver assistance features to illuminated buckles, the additional features on Black Label laces this trim with opulence and magnificence. For an average driver who isn’t into luxury, the Lincoln Navigator Reserve L would be an ideal choice. However, for drivers who cherish a mix of upscale features and performance, the Black Label trim would seem a reasonable choice.