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It’s a three-row SUV throwdown! The 2021 Kia Telluride and the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L are evenly matched on the surface. CNET compared the Telluride, Grand Cherokee L, and the Land Rover Defender 110 to see which SUV was worth taking home (and off-road).

How much should I pay for a 2021 Kia Telluride?

2021 Kia Telluride driving
2021 Kia Telluride | Kia

The Kia Telluride doesn’t have many secrets these days. Drivers are willing to pay extra for the vehicle due to its popularity. Consumer Reports highly rated the 2021 Kia Telluride. The predicted reliability and predicted owner satisfaction both came in at five out of five. In the road test, the SUV scored a 97 out of 100. It came in first on the list of midsize SUVs with three rows. CR found that the design of the Telluride was well-thought-out and took the drivers and passengers into consideration.

CNET compared the Telluride to the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L, but how did it stack up? The Telluride starts at $32,190 (plus a $1,225 destination charge) putting it at $33,415. However, both the used and new Tellurides have been going for over MSRP by quite a bit.

CNET noted that the Land Rover Defender 110 price starts at $50,000 with a $1,350 destination charge. That brings the total to around $51,850. The starting MSRP of the Jeep Grand Cherokee L is $39,730, according to Jeep. That puts it right between the Defender and the Telluride.

Is the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L available?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has always been a bit of a loaner. It isn’t a full-size SUV, it isn’t a regular SUV, and now it has a third row of seats. However, it can still go off-road like some of the full-size competitors. Now that the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L has all of the above, where does it land in the world of SUVs?

CNET chose the Land Rover Defender 110 and the 2021 Kia Telluride to compare to the new Jeep. The Defender is likely the best three-row SUV on the market for 2021 that can also go off-road. The Telluride is arguably the most popular SUV on the market right now.

When it comes to towing, the Cherokee L comes with a 3.6L V6 that gets 290 hp. It is offered in four-wheel-drive or rear-wheel drive and can tow 6,200 pounds. It also comes in a 5.7L V8. The Land Rover Defender is a 2.0L turbo inline-four with 296 hp. It only comes in four-wheel drive and can tow 8,200 pounds. Kia’s Telluride has a 3.8L V6 engine with 291 hp. The SUV comes in 4WD or front-wheel-drive and can tow 5,000 pounds.

When it comes to size, the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L is the biggest in the bunch. It comes in at 121.7 inches long for the wheelbase and 204.9 inches long for the overall length. The Defender is 119.0 inches long for the wheelbase and 187.3 inches long for the length. Kia’s Telluride is the smallest of the SUVs, with only 114.2 inches long at the wheelbase. The overall length is 196.9 inches long.

Three-row SUV off-roading capabilities

When it comes down to the off-roading specs, the Kia Telluride sort of falls out of line. The Land Rover Defender and 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L are more capable in such conditions. The Jeep gets 10.9 inches of clearance for the ground clearance, while the Defender has 11.5 inches of clearance. The Telluride has eight inches of clearance and doesn’t compete in this area. The approach/departure/breakover angles for the Jeep are 30.1/23.6/22.6 degrees, and the Defender angles are 38.0/40.0/28.0 degrees.

The 2021 Kia Telluride is an excellent family-friendly SUV for those not looking to go off-road when it comes down to it. The Land Rover Defender 110 is a perfect option for those looking for a bit of luxury and the occasional off-roading capability. While we don’t have the complete picture of the 2021 Grand Cherokee L right now, it certainly stacks up with the best of the best.


Is the Kia Telluride SUV Worth the Money?