2021 Jaguar I-Pace EV: Many Improvements, Range Still Sucks

We were hoping that the 2021 Jaguar I-Pace EV would finally see improvements to fix its range woes. Well, they haven’t been addressed so they still suck. Jaguar, how could you do this? The range issue has been a problem since the first I-Pace EVs showed up in 2018. Advertised ranges of 300 miles were wildly off. Trips to dealers, software updates, and even some I-Pace cars returned for money back could not increase the range. Much. After two years we hoped the deed would be done and we’d see class-leading range.

The 2021 I-Pace improvements, such that they are, are great

Black interior of the 2021 Jaguar I-Pace
The 2021 I-Pace gets tech updates taken from across the JLR corporate house. | Jaguar

The improvements it has received are great. They include new, more intuitive software to make finding a charging center easier; and an increase for the onboard charger from 7 to 11kW for faster home charging. There are also new colors available and new trim packages as well. 

The Pivi Pro infotainment software system was plucked from the Land Rover Defender. It replaces the previous I-Pace Touch Pro Duo unit. A 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster combines with a 10-inch and 5-inch screen. Steps necessary to access certain functions are now less cumbersome. Besides showing the operator where charging centers are located the system can also tell you if they’re available, how much a charge costs, and how long it will take to charge. When following familiar routes the PIVI senses this and keeps quiet until a direction is needed.

The I-Pace ClearSight digital rearview mirror sends images of the rear to the mirror

2021 Jaguar I-Pace rounding a hill rear 3/4 view
The 2021 I-Pace | Jaguar

A quicker charging system decreases how long it takes to get an overnight full charge to under nine hours. There’s a 3D camera system that is standard equipment. The ClearSight digital rearview mirror from the Range Rover Evoque uses the roof antenna to send images of the rear to the mirror just by flicking a switch. Standard equipment also includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and 4G data live traffic, Spotify, and a variety of other listening apps. Wireless phone charging is an option.

What hasn’t changed is the 394 hp powertrain and 234 miles of range. Would more power be nice? Yes. Is more range than 234 miles expected of a $90,000 Jaguar. Absolutely! So the question becomes why can’t developers get more range out of the I-Pace? This is about the same range as a 2020 Nissan Leaf. Why is this the best Jaguar can do?

There are cosmetic I-Pace updates and new colors and appearance packages

Side view of 2021 Jaguar I-Pace in white
The 2021 I-Pace | Jaguar

Jaguar I-Pace Ownership Forums Display Frustration

Some cosmetic improvements include Atlas Gray tips on the grille mesh, three new colors: Caldera Red, Portofino Blue, and Eiger Gray; two new wheel designs, and the elimination of the base 18-inch wheels for 19-inch versions. A chrome trim package called “Bright Pack” adds chrome to the grille surround, satin chrome window surroundings, and Atlas Gray on mirror caps and rear diffuser. The “Black Pack” blacks out the rear badges. 

We still really like the styling of the I-Pace with it’s combined sedan/SUV profile and big wheels that give it a show car vibe. But with the problems it has had for the last couple of years and the one change we expected to see in more range not coming through the price is too steep for the rewards.