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The 2021 Honda Insight is available in three trim levels. With trim package prices steadily increasing year over year, buyers are more careful than ever when choosing upgrades. Do these expensive additions add value, or are they an unnecessary expense? When added luxuries spell reduced fuel economy, is it still worth the comforts?

2021 Honda Insight | Honda

The 2021 Honda Insight base package that feels like an upgrade

The 2021 Honda Insight comes loaded with high-value features that make the car feel more expensive than it is. A rear-view camera, LED headlights, and push-button start all come standard for the cheapest Insight. Honda’s advanced safety features, including adaptive cruise control and Honda Sensing, are the type of features that are typically reserved for higher trim levels.

High tech options that are worth the price tag

The 2021 Honda Insight EX has a lot of tech upgrades that make really make a difference. Advanced safety features like Honda’s LaneWatch camera are a huge help. LaneWatch displays the driver’s righthand blindspot providing fantastic visibility. The infotainment system gets a boost with the addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The speakers receive a bump, too, upping the count to eight. The split-folding rear seat means it’s easy to adapt to multiple cargo layouts.

2020 Honda Insight infotainment system | Honda

The EX trim level also includes rear cross-traffic alert. These advanced safety features weren’t even options for the 2020 Honda Insight. Including them in the lowest-price trim level makes it feel worth the small jump in the price. The EX represents the best the Insight can be without having to sacrifice efficiency.

Honda pulled out the stops for the 2021 Insight Touring

The most expensive trim level of Honda Insight starts at $29,835. This nearly $6,000 price increase from the base trim level buys a lot of additional features. Touring drivers sacrifice some fuel economy in exchange for luxury touches like a sunroof, onboard Wi-Fi, and more.

Music lovers will appreciate the Touring’s 10-speaker premium sound system. The Touring’s seats really shine. Both front seats are power-adjustable and heated. They’re wrapped in leather that gives the car an expensive feel.

This package sacrifices fuel economy for added features. The EPA estimates that the 2021 Honda Insight touring gets 48 mpg combined. The base trim level and EX both get an estimated 52 mpg. For drivers concerned with annual fuel cost, that difference can add up.

Which trim package is the most worth it?

Edmunds reviewers considered the value of each added feature when comparing trim packages. From the base to EX package the price jumps less than $1,400. In exchange for infotainment system upgrades, better mobile connectivity, and better cargo flexibility are with the small additional charge.

2021 Honda Insight | Honda

While the luxury features of the touring trim level are elegant touches, fuel economy is one of the primary factors that drive purchase decisions. For drivers looking to balance the comfort and added safety of advanced features with the practicality of fuel economy have a clear choice. The 2021 Honda Insight EX is the best value for price trim package available for the hybrid sedan.


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