2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition: Gone in 240 Seconds

The difference between the “rare” and the “ultra-rare” is as different as the Honda Civic Si and Civic Type R; they’re essentially the same thing, but one is just a little more special. And if the Civic Type R is rare, then the Civic Type R Limited Edition is the epitome of ultra-rare as only 100 units are going to be sold in Canada. In fact, they already are sold and it only took four minutes.

The most limited Honda Civic Type R

The Honda Civic Type R LE gains its rarity and popularity from it’s limited Phoenix Yellow paint job and a few weight-reducing modifications. Aside from the special paint job, Honda tacked on lightweight 20-inch forged aluminum BBS wheels, which provide an 18-pound reduction in unsprung weight and are wrapped in super-sticky Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires, and then shaved off 28 more pounds by reducing the sound deadening material in the car. We imagine that it feels and sounds like a tin can with a turbocharged engine, but apparently, that’s what the Honda faithful want.

It was truly evident in the fact that Honda only allocated 100 of these limited-edition units to go to Canada, and when the ordering books opened up, 100 lucky buyers claimed them in 240 seconds. Of course, this means that they have only put down a $1000 deposit for now as pricing and delivery is to be announced, however, we doubt that any of them will be retracting their reservations. It’s not a Tesla, after all.

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2021 Civic Type R Limited Edition

The Civic Type R Limited Edition is still coming to America

Not to worry, though, as Honda is still set to bring the Honda Civic Type R LE to the U.S. soon enough. When? No one seems to know, and there’s no set pricing on it either, but Honda dealers across the nation might be able to take orders in the meantime. Just remember, only 600 of them will be made for the U.S., so we can probably bet that they will sell out in maybe 24 minutes, but probably less.

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Will the Civic Type R Limited Edition be worth the money?

Since we don’t know the price for the Civic Type R LE yet, there’s really no telling at this point whether or not a lighter and brighter Civic Type R will be really worth the extra money, however, someone did pay $50,000 for a 2000 Honda Civic Si recently, so it’s safe to say that it will be worth it someone, no matter how much it costs.

Just to recount, while the yellow paint job, special wheels, and sound-deadening diet is enough to make a Civic Type R faster, this limited-edition model will still have the same engine and transmission as the regular Civic Type R, so it might not be that much faster in a straight line.

However, the Limited Edition model is meant more for ripping up a road course or tackling corners on a spirited weekend drive and we’re willing to bet that it would put a lot of high-dollar cars to shame in doing so. But it’s too bad that most of the units sold will be more likely to sit in a garage and never see any race-prepped asphalt or a twisty canyon road. But just like everyone queuing up to reserve one of these cars, we can only hope.