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Ask any Honda enthusiast to name their top three favorite Honda models, and, more often than not, they will probably say, “Acura Integra Type R, Acura NSX, and Honda S2000.” Of course, other models may come up, but why those three in particular?

Because any true Honda enthusiast knows the type of engineering precision and countless hours of research and development that went into each of those models. They understand that Honda put every ounce of their racing heritage they could into every detail of those cars to create the renowned powerplants that sit underneath their hoods and balance every suspension component.

It’s long been a wonder if the brand will release something of true notoriety to follow in the footsteps of those three cars, until now. Enter the 2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition.

What is the 202`1 Honda Civic Type R?

2021 Civic Type R Limited Edition

The Honda Civic Type R has been out for a few years now, and minor tweaks and improvements have been made to it since its North American introduction. Honda updated some aesthetic pieces and even added a volume knob. But as fantastic as the car is, there is always room for more.

To Honda, the word “more” typically doesn’t mean more horsepower or more torque; in actuality, it typically means more weight reduction and a few more features. After all, perfecting perfection usually only requires slight adjustments. According to Honda, this forthcoming iteration of the Civic Type R will be “lighter, faster, and even more ferocious.”

With the 2021 Civic Type R Limited Edition, Honda set out to make it the ultimate street-legal track machine. To us, that reads that it’s probably going to ride really stiff and be really loud. And we’re not too far off, considering the modification list includes a 28-pound weight reduction via the removal of sound-deadening material and the deletion of the rear wiper, tonneau cover, and rear heater ducts.

On the outside of the car, the weight reduction continues with the use of lightweight, forged aluminum wheels from BBS, which equates to 18 fewer pounds of unsprung weight. A recalibrated steering rack and specially tuned dampers for better control are also included. But the real kicker is the special paint job. The Civic Type R Limited Edition will only be offered in Phoenix Yellow. An homage to the ever-popular color that once adorned the late Acura Integra Type R. Honda really listens to its enthusiasts.

A quick look at the 2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition

Limited, Very Limited

The special paint scheme and wheels aside, the Civic Type R Limited Edition will be produced in a very limited quantity. In fact, only 600 of them are being made. Those lucky enough to get their hands on one can relish the special number plate that each limited edition will receive. Honda has not set a release date or pricing for the Civic Type R Limited Edition, but considering the standard Civic Type R has an MSRP of $36,595, we wouldn’t be surprised if this limited edition version will be priced closer to $50,000.


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