The 2021 Honda Civic Si Isn’t Here and That’s Ok Because the 2020 Civic Si Is

Unfortunately, there’s not going to be a 2021 Honda Civic Si. Honestly, that’s a real bummer. The Si flavor of Honda Civic has long been a beacon of cheap FWD performance for many, myself included. But honestly, that’s ok. Worse things have happened. Thankfully, the 2020 Civic Si is still around, and there’s plenty on the used market.

The bright green 2020 Civic Si at a launch event
The Honda Si coupe | Kevin Hagen via Getty Images

Moreover, it’s everything the 2021 model was going to be if Honda’s propensity for steady improvement is any indication. Perhaps this year off from the Si will mean that the 2022 model will be so much more than the 2020 model is.

Is the 2020 Civic Si worth it?

The boys at ThrottleHouse were split between the Civic Si and the Veloster | Throttlehouse

That said, the 2020 Civic Si is quite the car. It’s rare to find a front-wheel-drive performance car that manages to feel so neutral. By neutral, I mean that the car doesn’t feel like it’s biased one way or another when you drive it. You feel like you’re in the middle of a seesaw, with the perfect amount of weight at each end. Plus, there’s the ever-present Honda manual transmission– one of the best out there.

Honda has a reputation for making buzzy little motors, and the four-cylinder motor in the 2020 Civic Si bolsters that reputation. No, it doesn’t rev to the moon like the legendary Honda engines of old, but its 205 hp and 192 lb-ft of torque feel more than ample. In fact, the 2020 Civic Si drives so well I haven’t missed the new one.

The 2021 Honda Civic Si won’t be missed

A red 2020 Civic Si coupe shot at sunset from the front 3/4 angle
The 2020 Civic Si is just the right amount of hot boy racer vibes | Honda

Seriously. It’s hard to miss something that doesn’t exist in the first place, and it’s absolutely ok that the 2021 Honda Civic Si doesn’t exist. I even enjoyed the old Si so much that I’ve considered buying one. Speaking of purchasing one, how does the Si look from a value standpoint?

For starters, the interior is a little weak. Those economy car roots show a bit. However, there’s loads of space in the interior and the seats are comfy. Not to mention the rears fold down for some nice luggage capacity. I haven’t driven one in the winter, but some good winter tires should solve any potential issues. In conclusion, a 2020 Civic Si is about the best way you can spend $20,000-$25,000 right now. Even in this market.

The Si is back for 2022

Honda's 2022 Civic in red shot from the front 3/4 angle on a Los Angeles freeway
The 2022 Civic promises a more restrained design | Honda

2022 Honda Civic Hatchback Revealed at Last

That said, I’m quite happy the Si name will be making a return in the 2022 Civic. The Si badge is to Honda what the GTI badge is to Volkswagen, and the GTI will forever need a worthy competitor. It’s a fight I’m excited to see, with the new MK8 GTI starting to show up on American shores. One thing is for shore. The new Si has a lot to live up to, especially for the prices used ones are trading hands for.