The 2021 Happier Camper Goes After Airstream With Mobile Home Office

The new Airstream Flying Cloud set a high standard in the pandemic camper boom by offering a dedicated work from “home” office in the trailer. Although Airstream will always be an icon, the barrier to entry is too high for most people to get one. However, there is another option out of California, the new 2021 Happier Camper Traveler, which now also sports an office. 

The 2021 Happier Camper isn’t just a cute name

As the camper craze continues, Happier Campers should be one of the brands that we should all keep squarely in our gaze. These things are cute, good-looking, and, most importantly, affordable. According to Gear Patrol, the Traveler is the bigger, more equipped verison of the HC1. 

One of the many things that makes these campers so cool is the highly customizable layout of them. Happier calls this system of lego-like blocks the Adaptiv system. It allows for various layouts to be snapped together and mixed and matched easily. 

2021 Happier Camper Traveler on a beach
Happier Camper Traveler | Happier Camper

The entire camper is 17-feet long, and that length goes to support a few fixed features like a bathroom and kitchenette. The kitchen and bathroom are supported by a pair of 17-gallon fresh water and gray water tanks. 

The Happier trailer is light, like really light

Gear Patrol mentions that unlike many equally equipped campers, the Happier Traveler only weighs 1,800 pounds dry and 2,500 when loaded. That is light enough to be towed by most crossovers and even some sedans or wagons. 

The Traveler can fit a queen bed for the main sleeping quarters up front, or it can fit a full-size bed in the back. Again thanks to the Adaptiv system, the Traveler is available in many different configurations. The office is something that directly benefits from the elasticity of the modular system. 

Happier Camper Traveler | Happier Camper
Happier Camper Traveler | Happier Camper

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Even though we are begging to peek our heads up from a dark winter, there is still plenty of cold weather to go in some areas. The Happier Camper Traveler’s hull is doubled fiberglass, making it not only strong but easy to heat and cool. The cool thing about this type of construction is that it doesn’t do nearly as much expanding and shrinking as other materials. This all helps to insulate and keep joints like the windows and door frames tight overtime. 

Wanna know the best part about these campers? 

They come in fun colors. Look, I am in the camp that thinks the Airstream is the most beautiful camper there is, but it hasn’t ever changed. The Happier campers come in various colors, and unlike the big Class A RVs, it’s not just a series of browns and blacks with some abstract paint splash across the side. These come in bright and exciting colors like Pacific Blue, Bishop Red, Mojave Sage, and Topanga Turquoise. In a segment that is all too often just white or black or tan, seeing colors on a camper really is quite striking. 

The Traveler still isn’t cheap, but it is cheaper. Compared to most of the trailers out there with the same gear, the base price of $49,950 is surprisingly reasonable. The fully upgraded version tops off around the $60,000 mark.