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Full-size vans are known for their bulk and capacity to haul tourists around European countries. Their powerful engines and spacious interiors make for a fun ride, but one has to wonder if the hulking vehicle could possibly be safe. Fortunately, Ford hasn’t abandoned its reputation for safety when it comes to its take on the beast. Not only are the Ford vans powerful, but they can be equipped with some of the company’s stop safety features to prevent your ride in a Ford Transit from becoming tragic. 

The huge Ford Transit has a rich European history

As Car and Driver asserts, the Ford Transit is much more than just a “soulless breadbox.” The boxy brand has crafted a four-vehicle line-up, revered for its spacious interior and hauling capabilities: the Transit Courier, Transit Connect, Transit Custom, and Transit. According to the Foray Motor Group, UK drivers have become so accustomed to these Ford giants on the road, that many now use “transit” as a catch-all title for vans. 

Though not all of these Transit models have made their way across the Atlantic, Americans are starting to appreciate the Transit just as much as our friends from across the pond. Fortunately for modern consumers, the vehicle has come a long way since its days as a “Schweineschnauze” — German for pig snout.

According to the Car and Driver breakdown, this humorous nickname poked fun at the vehicle’s body, which paid no mind to the laws of aerodynamics until its 1986 redesign. 

All these years later, the vans continue to impress. The 2021 Transit even scooped up an Editor’s Choice award for the segment.

2021’s take on the Transit prioritizes comfort and cargo

The 2021 Ford Transit was designed to meet everyone’s needs. Highly customizable, with a wide range of sizing and seating options for every model, the vehicle can seat up to fifteen passengers at its largest. Its cargo space is unmatched among similar vehicles, and its hauling capabilities remain extremely impressive. So much so, in fact, that one of MotorTrend’s few complaints was that owners will definitely be roped into helping friends move. 

Despite the power it offers, the van caters to both work and play. Car and Driver praised its cabin and infotainment system, which took cues from the popular Ford Explorer. Although the tech that comes standard is fairly basic, plenty of upgrades are available. No matter what Transit you’re driving, seats are spacious and passengers are largely shielded from road noise in the surprisingly quiet vehicle. 

That’s not the only surprise: the same report also called out the impressively easy handling of the hulking vehicle. And with Ford’s signature Co-Pilot 360 available, safety doesn’t have to be a huge concern. 

Co-Pilot 360 brings advanced safety to Ford vehicles 

The standard safety equipment on the Ford Transit models is fairly basic. Drivers can expect automatic emergency braking on all trims, as well as more sophisticated blind-spot and lane technology on the XLT upgrades. 

For those looking to really up their safety game, Ford’s Co-Pilot 360 safety program offers plenty of high-tech upgrades, outlined by MotorTrend. Available for the Ford Transit vehicles is Adaptive Cruise Control, which includes such features as lane centering and speed sign recognition. Drivers can also upgrade to gain pre-collision assistance and blind-spot monitoring, with cross-traffic alerts. 

The immense size of Ford Transit vehicles may be enough to keep some feeling safe. Still, in something so bulky, we can’t blame you if you splurge for a bit more help with your blind spots. 


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