2021 Ford F150: The Most Disappointing Refresh Ever

The 2021 Ford F150 refresh we have been waiting years for has finally been revealed. It has to be the most disappointing refresh ever. Sure, it is chock full of technical innovations, features never before seen, and hyper strong hype. You would think this was THE invention of the pickup truck. We applaud Ford for everything it has innovated, recreated, and mutated for the 2021 Ford F150. But there is one thing nobody is talking about. 

Usually, when new models are preceded by the amount of hyperbole and anticipation associated with the 2021 F150, it looks fresh and new. Whatever technological and power innovations it represents is highlighted by something looking completely different. Something that looks worthy of the goodness, newness, and innovation within. 

The 2021 F150 is so similar to the preceding F150 you have to compare images to pick out the differences

2021 F150 towing a boat
Is it a 2019 or 2021 F150? | Ford

What we have here is something so similar to the preceding F150 you have to compare it in images to pick out the differences. Sort of like panning for gold and picking out the minuscule flecks you see  Why would Ford consider the slightly finessed changes to the F150’s body akin to what’s inside? This is the most disappointing.

It is human nature for owners to want to show off their new acquisition. Washing it in the driveway, showing up gleaming at the kid’s carpool, flipping the tailgate down in the Lowes parking lot. It’s new and you’re proud. But what if no one notices? Why would anyone take a second glance at an F150 that looks like the past 10 years of F150s?

The styling differences between the 2020 and 2021 F-Series is too nuanced for anyone to care

2021 Ford F150 hauling bushes
2021 Ford F150 | Ford

So I’m sorry if anyone is offended; especially Ford. But the differences between the 2020 and 2021 F-Series is too nuanced for anyone to care much about. The features and technology? They’re class-leading. Why couldn’t the styling also be class-leading?

Ford will have some heavy competition over the next several years with all of the startups developing EV pickups. And the shadow of the Tesla Cybertruck hangs heavy over all of them. Are we saying that the new Ford truck should have taken on the radical styling of the Cybertruck? Hell, no. But something that makes you crank your head to watch it or compels you to check it out isn’t asking too much. Alas, the 2021 F-Series won’t do that.

Is Ford scared if it changes too much it will kill the franchise?

comparison between 2019 and 2021 Ford F150

The 2021 F-150 Will Make or Break Ford

Ford has always skirted the edges of changing just enough to say it changed the F-150. It’s like the designers and marketing peeps get together in a room and decide how little it will take to call it “new.” Like if it changes too much it will kill the franchise. But it runs the risk of overhyping and underdelivering with what we see today.

You’ve got to stare a long time to flesh out whether you’re looking at a 2019 or 2021 F150. At least in images online. Should seeing it in person make us take back what we’re saying now then we’ll be happy to do so. We want a fresh, new, exciting F150. After all, we’ll be looking at them for the next 5-9 years. Why not be entertained with an all-new truck to take in while stuck in traffic on the 405? 

We’d love to hear your opinion of Ford’s new, all-new, sort-of-new, not-so-new F150.