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Amid chip shortages and quality issues with both soft and hard top 2021 Ford Bronco roofs, this Ford product rollout isn’t going smoothly. Production hiccups, supply chain problems, and pending quality checks have led to thousands of 2021 Ford Bronco models being parked in Wayne, Michigan. 

A Ford Bronco assembly plant in Michigan USA
Assembly plant in Wayne, Michigan | Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

The good news? Now you know where your Bronco is. The bad news? You may have to wait a while for your 2021 Ford Bronco. In fact, in a letter to Bronco reservation holders, Ford outlines the issue. Also, the letter informs reservation holders that if their Ford Bronco order isn’t already scheduled for production they may not get that order filled as a 2021 Bronco. In fact, unscheduled production may actually mean that reservation holders may have to wait until 2022 Ford Bronco production to actually receive their new SUV. 

Where have all the Broncos gone? 

According to Autoblog, a Bronco6G Forum member recently took a spy video of a parking lot filled with parked 2021 Ford Bronco models. All of these, according to Ford, are waiting on quality checks. There are reported quality issues with the molded-in color hardtop. However, we’ve also seen mention of problems with the soft roofs too. 

As of now, the 2021 Ford Broncos that are in the parking lot are waiting on quality checks. Ford told Motor1 that each vehicle would remain in the parking lot until undergoing the necessary quality inspections before shipping out to their designated locations. But it’s so many Broncos that it hardly seems feasible that they will ship out in a timely manner. 

Your 2021 Ford Bronco might turn out to be a 2022 model instead––or even a 2023 model year

a blue two-door 2021 Ford Bronco on display outdoors
2021 Ford Bronco | Scott Olson/Getty Images

If your order has already been scheduled for production, the delivery of the 2021 Ford Bronco is delayed. In fact, the situation feels a bit like the recent discovery of lots in Kansas and Michigan loaded with Ford F-150 pickup trucks awaiting chip-related parts. For a time, the reason the Broncos sat in the Wayne, MI lot was a mystery.

Some speculated that it was another situation like the Ford F-150 trucks awaiting final components. However, recent updates on the situation reveal that the 2021 Ford Bronco SUVs are awaiting the replacement of the molded-in color hardtops. Additionally, Broncos scheduled for production have been put on hold until the built models have received the replacement parts. 

The parts should begin rolling out in September. Additionally, updated scheduling will come to owners with a scheduled build sometime in October, according to Autoblog. This delay means that anyone with a reservation that hasn’t scheduled the production for their 2021 Ford Bronco SUV yet will likely get a 2022 model. In fact, Ford reports that some may have to wait for a 2023 model as the manufacturer addresses the quality issues

Will 2021 Ford Bronco SUV reservation holders have to pay more for a 2022 or 2023 model? 

A red Ford Bronco getting parts on the production line.
2021 Ford Bronco on the line | JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP via Getty Images

If you are a Bronco reservation holder then you may be wondering if you’ll have to pay a higher price for a 2023 model than the 2021 you already put on hold. The answer is no. Ford issued a statement that 2021 model year reservation holders have “MSRP protection” and will not have to pay a higher price for a newer model year. 

Autoblog also reports that if you reserved a soft top option then the delay will not affect your order. So what if you change your order to a soft-top model? Ford has informed reservation holders that this may get them in their new Ford Bronco faster. However, there are other options that may take longer. For example, the Wildtrak trim, 2.7 liter V6 engine option, and packages like the Luxury, Sasquatch, and Trailer Tow packages. The Safari Bar is another option to avoid if you want your model quickly. 

What if you opt for a soft-top model and plan to purchase an accessory hardtop for it? 

2021 Ford Bronco crushing some Moab trails
2021 Ford Bronco | Ford

If this is the plan, you’ll still have to wait a while. The accessory hardtops won’t go on sale until 2023. With all of this information, 2021 Ford Bronco SUV reservation holders may feel compelled to make changes to their order. 

If you would like to make some changes to your order, just contact your local dealer and they should be able to help. Plus, you won’t lose your spot in the queue––granted that your request is made before scheduled production. Additionally, the Bronco Support Team can be reached at 800-334-4375 for anyone who wants more information.


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