2021 Florida RV SuperShow Will Go On – In Person

The Florida RV Trade Association, FRVTA, holds an annual RV SuperShow. The last one was pretty successful. However, it was held pre-COVID concerns. So, now a lot of vendors and interested people have been asking the organization if the next RV show, scheduled for January 13-17th, is still moving forward. The answer is yes, it is.

The RV show must go on – COVID or not

Wonder RV
2020 Wonder W24RTB | RV USA

RV News recently posted a story saying that the FRVTA is moving forward with Florida’s SuperShow at the Florida State Fairgrounds. However, the trade organization is hoping the COVID gathering restrictions will be lifted by the time the show opens. Currently, Hillsboro County requires masks at indoor gatherings. 

“We will be doing everything in our power to provide a clean and safe environment for both the attendees and our exhibitors. This is new to all of us, but working together with our manufacturers and booth exhibitors, we are expecting another successful event.” – Lesa Colvin, Show Director

RV sales are currently strong

The RV industry is currently undergoing a boom in sales, as is most anything related to the outdoors industry. People don’t want to travel with crowds at airports, bus stations, and aboard trains. So, they are increasingly choosing to travel by RV, where cleanliness and amounts of guests can be controlled. Consequently, an RV show is a big deal to capture the new interest. But, many are scratching their heads over how the show can be pulled off. 

“It’s been a great show over the years, and it’s the right kind of place at the right time of the year,” he said. “The manufacturers we’ve talked to, the dealers we’ve talked to, and the booth and supplier exhibitors all are excited.” – David Kelly, Executive Director of FRVTA

The RV show will look different

Mr. Kelly, however, is not oblivious to the current COVID environment. He concedes the event will likely look different than the last 35 years it has been conducted. “The county is working with us very well. We’re working with their regulatory and compliance division, and they’re very open and up front. It’s a fluid discussion. What’s in place today may not be in place come January.” In addition to working with the county, Mr. Kelly mentioned that the organization had been in touch with the Fairgrounds as well.

“We met with the fairgrounds this week, and they have a lot of signage and sanitizer stations available. We want to make sure we create and environment that is as safe and effective as it can be” – David Kelly

A white travel trailer by Winnebago called the Micro Minni
Winnebago Micro Minnie Travel Trailer RV | Winnebago

Fans of RV and Outdoor Lifestyle Rejoice at Passage of Bill

Large events are being looked at closely

Thousands of people arrived at the annual Sturgis motorcycle rally recently. That event was categorized as a superspreader of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. However, the validity of that claim was later called into question. Since then, all large events that have continued with their show plans have been monitored pretty closely by the medical community and the press at large for the health impact and reach of the virus.

The Florida RV SuperShow will also be looked at very closely. Although the show is still a few months away, the science behind the virus is still fluid. Understandably, people are still wondering if going forward is a wise move. Organizers recognize this and are making efforts to stay abreast of the virus’s newest information and changing health recommendations. So, only time will tell if the show happens, but for now, FRVTA is putting their game face on and is getting ready to get out in the field.