Is the 2021 BMW X1 Recommended by Consumer Reports?

Buying a new luxury SUV doesn’t have to mean breaking your budget. In fact, there are a handful of affordable options that are still reasonably priced brand new. That doesn’t mean downgrading to an option that holds a questionable position as an entry-level luxury SUV, either, as BMW and Audi both have their options for affordable but practical vehicles. But, if you’re going to buy an entry-level luxury SUV like the BMW X1, you should check to see if they are worth the money first.

Reading the reviews

The 2021 BMW X1 may not have the highest score possible from Consumer Reports, but it did receive the recommended status by the reviews. It did get some points down for predicted owner satisfaction, but there were plenty of positive notes to make the spunky SUV worth a test drive.

A gray BMW X1 luxury SUV travels on a dirt road on a mountain
BMW X1 | BMW Group

The right options for the right price with the BMW X1

There were a lot of positives for the 2021 BMW X1, from the driving experience to the practicality. While it isn’t a full-sized SUV, it does offer a reasonable amount of rear-seat space and cargo space, with the option for roof racks for additional storage. For the price, it isn’t particularly smooth or comfortable, with a noticeably loud cabin — though, for the price, that isn’t particularly surprising. Regardless of the downfalls, it does get notably responsibly fuel economy and does offer the ability to own an entry-level BMW without breaking the bank.

BMW and Mini logos on signs at a car dealership with a blue sky in the background
BMW and Mini logos | Artur Debat via Getty Images

Should you buy the BMW X1

Buying a brand new BMW X1 is a great option for getting into an affordable entry-level SUV, though there are some downfalls to keep in mind. Luxury vehicles, like BMW, devalue quickly after their first year, and while most people wouldn’t consider most vehicles to be investments, you do lose a substantial amount of value buying a car used. That means there is potential for buying a slightly used model of the BMW X1, but it is worth noting that the 2021 model year is the first time it has received a recommendation from Consumer Reports.

A close up of a blue bmw x1 front end
At the IAA, an employee cleans the windscreen of a BMW X1 xDrive20d | Uwe Anspach/picture alliance, Getty Images

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The 2021 BMW X1 might not be as exciting as some high-end performance-oriented luxury SUVs like the Lamborghini Urus or Aston Martin DBX, but for the price, it offers just enough. According to recommendations, it is a great choice for getting into an entry-level luxury SUV if you’re on the market to buy one brand new and don’t want to break your budget.