These 2021 BMW SUVs are Surprisingly Affordable and Reliable

BMW is known for performance and price, but it wouldn’t be on your list of options if you were to list manufacturers with affordable new cars. While it has that reputation, there are still some BMW options that offer a true bargain for the price, and their lower-end SUV models are great choices that stand out as affordable new SUVs.

Affordable entry-level luxury

If you are looking to get an entry-level luxury SUV, BMW has quite a bit to offer without breaking the budget. While they aren’t the most affordable options on the market, they stand well against other options of the same price range, making them a surprising option for SUVs of their class that you may not have considered.

Closeup of BMW wheel rushing on a snowy road.

The 2021 BMW X1

The 2021 BMW X1 is the smallest and most affordable option in the brand’s lineup of SUVs, and while the price isn’t quite low enough to be considered modest, it is still a great bang for your buck. This model and year comes recommended by Consumer Reports, which notes the highlights and best features of the SUV. While it isn’t the most agile vehicle, it does offer a decent amount of space and cargo capacity while maintaining the BMW luxury we’ve come to know and expect.

There are some pitfalls for the X1 where it doesn’t quite live up to our luxury expectations, however, such as a noisy cabin that allows in more road noise than some drivers would prefer and a lack of standard safety features that you might see in other models of the price range, or even less expensive models.

A gray BMW X1 luxury SUV travels on a dirt road on a mountain
BMW X1 | BMW Group

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The 2021 BMW X2

The 2021 BMW X2 is just a step up from the X1 both in price and options, making it an equally affordable and great option for an entry-level luxury SUV. It comes recommended by Consumer Reports, and you can expect to pay around $37,000 to start out. It is a bit more refined than the X1 although it starts out at only a few thousand more, and it’s noted for having superior handling and agility, as well as being a tad more responsive.

The vehicle does have a few downfalls that bring it back down to earth, like a louder cabin and lack of availability of some more standard safety features that you might expect, such as blind spot detection.

An orange BMW X2 on display
BMW X2 compact crossover SUV on display at Brussels Expo | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

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Either option of BMW entry-level luxury SUV are great options, and they fit well within the price range of what you would expect of a brand new SUV offering all that they do. While neither vehicle is perfect, they both have a lot to offer and provide a great amount of versatility to drivers who love BMW but want to join the trend of SUV ownership.