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If you want a car that is a sporty sedan while still being a luxury car and is also a hybrid, you might think this is too tall of an order. But you are in luck because BMW has combined all three of those features into a rather remarkable car. Looking to challenge Tesla, BMW developed the all-electric 5 Series, taking their already phenomenal 5 Series and making it better. So look no further than the 2021 BMW 530e for your luxurious, sporty, hybrid.

The performance of the BMW 530e as a hybrid

Car and Driver tested the 2021 BMW 530e and were quite impressed with its performance as a hybrid. One of the most significant changes they noted was the extra power from the hybrid system.

While the torque remains the same as the 2020 model at 310 lb-ft, the horsepower gets 40 more ponies to bring the horsepower up to 288. The increased power is due to a new feature, XtraBoost, that does exactly what the name suggests, it gives you another 40 hp for about 10 seconds when you floor it. Back off the gas a little and the XtraBoost is good to go again.

The battery has a range of 21 miles and Car and Driver found this easily attainable. During their 200-mile highway drive test, the fully charged 530e ran on battery power for 17 miles and delivered on the EPA estimate of 64 MPGe.

After 250 miles of daily driving, it averaged only about 27 MPGe, but they felt this was due to charging limitations and being forced to drive most of the miles on a depleted battery.

What is the performance like on-paper?

Pretty impressive. BMW states on its specifications that the 530e will go from 0 to 60 mph in 5.7 seconds. Car and Driver beat this by a bit with a 0 to 60 mph of 5.2 seconds. They also recorded a 0 to 100 mph and a 0 to 130 mph of 13.8 seconds and 28.3 seconds, respectively.

With a rolling start, the car went from 5 to 60 mph in 6.0 seconds. In their top gear acceleration test to highlight the midrange power, the 30 to 50 mph time was 3.1 seconds and the 50 to 70 mph time was 3.9 seconds.

BMW reports a top speed of 146 mph, and when it comes to braking, Car and Driver found that the 530e went from 70 to 0 mph in 154 ft. And in the test that is probably most important, the quarter mile race, the 530e acquitted itself quite nicely covering a quarter mile at 100 mph in only 13.8 seconds.

The BMW 530e is a pleasure to drive


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While the steering does not give drivers as much feedback as previous models, it still is agile and fun to drive. The gas engine and the electric motor work incredibly well together and the braking is a combination of regenerative braking and conventional friction brakes that work together smoothly.

It is quick and sporty and just plain fun. This is also where the luxurious part of the car comes in. BMW is known for providing a luxurious interior and comfortable seats, complete with lumbar support and a memory system for the driver’s seat. 

Combining luxury, sportiness, and efficiency may not seem possible, but BMW proves it can be done. The BMW 530e provides the performance and speed you want from a sports car, the luxury and comfort you expect from BMW, and the efficiency of a hybrid. It should prove to be a worthy competitor in the EV market and look and drive phenomenal while doing it.