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As hybrid vehicles’ popularity grows, you might wonder which one is right for you. Thankfully, myriad best-of lists can give you an idea. One such list is Good Housekeeping’s “The Best Hybrid Vehicles of 2021.” And the 2021 BMW 530e, part of the German automaker’s 5 Series, has some tough competition from other hybrids. But it isn’t hard to see why this sporty luxury car took home GH’s award for the best hybrid luxury sedan of the year.

Good Housekeeping’s picks for the best hybrids of 2021

A blue metallic 2021 BMW 530e hybrid sedan traveling past a glass building on a city street on a sunny day
2021 BMW 530e | BMW Group

Good Housekeeping recently released its choices for the best hybrid vehicles of 2021 in eight categories. They ranged from the best family-friendly hybrid (Honda Accord Hybrid) to the best hybrid luxury SUV plug-in (Audi Q5). Other categories were the best hybrid minivan (Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid), the best hybrid sedan (Hyundai Sonata Hybrid), and the best hybrid luxury sedan (BMW 530e). There was also the best hybrid compact crossover (Kia Niro), the best hybrid SUV (Honda CR-V Hybrid), and the best hybrid SUV plug-in (Ford Escape Hybrid Plug-In).

About the 2021 BMW 530e, the top hybrid luxury sedan

The 2021 BMW 530e boasts a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, an electric motor, and a new XtraBoost feature, together producing 288 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque. One of the 530e’s standout features is that you can opt for an electric-only mode for short trips around town with a battery range of about 20 miles, Good Housekeeping’s testers report. They were also impressed with the EPA-estimated fuel economy of 64 MPGe and gas-only 26 mpg. 

Other reasons the BMW 530e won: It’s quick, luxurious, and everything you’d expect from a BMW hybrid. GH’s testers also praised the car for its smooth transition from the gas engine to the electric motor for an overall comfortable yet fun ride. In fact, the testers said they were sad to give the keys back.

Plus, the federal tax credit makes the 530e cheaper than the gas-only model. However, some safety features, such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist, are not standard, so you have to pay for packages to get these options. 

How Good Housekeeping picked the BMW 530e and other winners

The folks at Good Housekeeping took several factors into account when choosing the best hybrid vehicles. They looked at battery efficiency and fuel efficiency, intuitiveness of eco-related dashboard metrics, warranty coverage, and sticker price. For plug-in hybrids, they also evaluated driving range and ease of recharging.

In addition to evaluating the price compared to a gas engine, they also compared the MSRP with other features to determine if the car offers an overall good value for the price. After narrowing the field, they collaborated with Car and Driver experts to evaluate performance and other aspects.

Choosing a hybrid vehicle can be overwhelming, particularly as more automakers produce these models. But if you’re looking for a sporty and luxurious hybrid sedan, the 2021 BMW 530e is an excellent choice. In fact, it might be the only luxury hybrid sedan that also drives like a sports car. It’s easy to see why Good Housekeeping chose it as a winner. Plus, with the tax credit, it’s actually cheaper than its gas-only counterpart. Win-win. 


The 2021 BMW 530e Is the Perfect Recipe for Success