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Is the 2021 Audi TTS Worth the $60,000 MSRP?

The 2021 Audi TTS might come with a price tag higher than most buyers might not be expecting. But, with the balance of luxuries, features, options, and performance capabilities, it is easy to see why some buyers would be more than happy with paying the seemingly high MSRP, and even adding on some package options.

The 2021 Audi TTS might not be on your radar of new sports cars to test drive, and if it isn’t, you should definitely think twice. This refined coupe is a sporty, upgraded version of the standard TT, and it offers a performance-oriented driving experience combined with plenty of comfort and luxury to make your daily drive as comfortable as it is exciting. But, the 2021 Audi TTS doesn’t come cheap, with an MSRP of just over $60,000 for standard pricing, so is it really worth the price?

The Audi TTS offers luxury and performance wrapped into one

A bright yellow audi tt coupe
An Audi TT Coupe | Guillaume Payen, Anadolu Agency, Getty Images

Many of the vehicles offered by Audi combine performance and luxury to varying degrees, but the Audi TTS is the brand’s more official sports car — though you could argue most of their two-door options are very nearly sports cars themselves. The latest generation of the 2021 Audi TTS makes the car look like a miniature version of the brand’s flagship supercar, the Audi R8, and it comes with a much more affordable.

Standard features for the 2021 Audi TTS

For the price, it wouldn’t be wrong for buyers to expect quite a bit from the 2021 Audi TTS. The turbocharged 4-cylinder engine might not sound like something to brag about with its 288 hp, but the lightweight construction of this coupe makes it plenty of power for the driver. All-wheel drive is standard for the TTS, and it does well to enhance the driving and handling experience of the coupe in any kind of weather. It also offers many of the features and driving aids you would expect from a new car, especially for this price:

  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Upgraded 12-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system
  • Navigation
  • Keyless entry
  • Keyless ignition
  • Adaptive suspension dampers
  • Modern digital gauge cluster
  • LED headlights
  • Heated, power-adjustable seats
  • Dual-zone climate control

Add-ons and options

If you love the 2021 Audi TTS for the price but still want a bit more, you can opt for a few more add-ons and options to kick it up a notch — but, of course, it will cost you. These packages focus on different things, and you could theoretically opt for either because one is more performance-oriented while the other is more cosmetic-oriented.

The Black Optic package will set buyers back an additional $900 and focus on the cosmetic aspects of the vehicle to make it look sportier and more aggressive. This includes:

  • High-gloss black exterior trim
  • High-gloss black exterior window housings
  • 20″ 5-spoke anthracite wheels
  • Red brake caliper covers
  • From the factory, it comes with 255/30 R20 summer tires

Of course, if you want to increase the performance capabilities of the car as well as the cosmetics, you’ll have to opt for the more expensive Competition package, which tacks on an additional $2,200. For the price, buyers will also get:

  • High-gloss black exterior trim
  • High-gloss black exterior window housings
  • 20″ 10-Y-spoke wheels in gloss black
  • Black fixed-wing rear spoiler
  • Leather/Alcantara sport steering wheel
  • Red 12 o’clock steering wheel marker
  • Carbon fiber inlays
  • Also comes from the factory with 255/30 R20 summer tires

For buyers looking for a sporty ride, the 2021 Audi TTS might be worth the money. All-wheel drive gives the car a leg up over some rear-wheel-drive competitors, especially for drivers who live in icy or wet climates. Like most Audis, the TTS has a high rate of depreciation because it is a luxury car as well as being a sports car, which is also something to keep in mind when balancing the pros and cons of the vehicle with the price tag it comes with.


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