2021 Acura MDX and TLX May Have Just Leaked

For more than three decades, Acura’s luxury vehicles have appealed to drivers who are looking for safe, comfortable, and luxurious rides. Like their parent company, Honda, Acura has crafted its vehicles with sensible features that are both reliable and modern. And, as the years have passed, Acura has also kept up with vehicle trends, including sporty crossover vehicles such as the MDX its lineup. Sleek sedans, like the TLX, also provide drivers with luxury during their daily drives.

Recently, Acura enthusiasts have been speculating about the next evolution of the automaker’s most popular models. Forums, such as AcuraZine.com, allow Acura drivers to discuss the specs of the latest cars while dreaming up what may lie in the future of the brand. While investigating the head unit of their 2019 RDX, a community member of AcuraZine.com found hidden images that may represent what the future has in store for the 2021 Acura TLX and MDX models. After locating these previously unreleased images, the community was able to speculate about what they could be expecting when Acura releases these hotly-anticipated models in the coming year or two.

Potential 2021 MDX features and updates

The first images that were leaked on AcuraZine are renderings of the exterior and interior of the 2021 MDX. These pictures show a sleek, edgy, and refined version of Acura’s MDX model. As it stands, the MDX is the flagship three-row crossover in the Acura lineup. It looks like the exterior of the 2021 MDX may not change significantly for the coming model years, which means that it will continue to be a sporty and aggressive addition to the full-size SUV segment.

Scrolling through the leaked renderings on the AcuraZine website, you will also find mock-ups of the interior display and driver controls that could be on the horizon for their all-wheel-drive vehicle. The display renderings show a variety of ambient lighting settings, which range from soft blue to edgy red lighting throughout the cabin and foot panels. Top tier comfort is also on display in this MDX prototype, as the images show fully adjustable electric seats and headrests. 

Under the hood, the images also seem to indicate that the MDX will be equipped with a turbocharged V6 engine, which could add additional power and acceleration capabilities to this commanding SUV. 

Car and Driver was quick to respond after the MDX prototype leaked, and its report seems to indicate that the 2021 MDX may arrive in showrooms as early as 2020. In the wake of Car and Driver’s other report that Acura is bringing back its S line of vehicles, there is a good chance that the 2021 MDX may also be available with sport-tuned upgrades that will enhance the performance of this vehicle even further.

A sneak peek at the 2021 TLX

While the MDX may be available sooner than the TLX concept, Acura fans are also thrilled to see that this popular luxury sedan should also be getting some well-deserved upgrades in 2021 and beyond. Included in the MDX leak were prototype images of a fully redesigned exterior for the TLX sedan. Whereas prior models of the TLX have lacked the clean lines and attention-demanding features of other Acura models, Acura seems to have completely revamped the upcoming TLX with unique exterior lines that will visually set it apart from other competitors in the luxury sedan segment. 

The upcoming TLX may also come equipped with a similar turbocharged V6 engine and S line options, adding much-needed power and athletic performance to the sedan. With these exciting previews of the TLX and MDX coming out so close to the next model year, you may want to hold off on your next Acura purchase so that you can take advantage of the latest innovations from this popular luxury brand.