2020 VW T-Roc Cabriolet Is Coming (But Not Here)

Those of you in a funk over the cancellation of the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet and can’t afford a Land Rover Range Rover Evoque convertible can now rejoice! No, the CrossCab is not coming back, nor will there be a price cut on the Evoque ‘vert. What appears to be a worthy replacement is on the horizon for 2020, the Volkswagen T-Roc cabriolet. 

Now for the let down: VW won’t be offering it in the US. Unfortunately, it’s a UK/Europe-only model. One would think that for your development and tooling bucks you would want to sell in as many markets as possible, right? So why limit the T-Roc line?

Why a Crossover Cabriolet?

Yes, we are puzzled why a crossover cabriolet category even exists, but we applaud the effort because the world needs a few automotive outliers to liven things up, don’t you agree? VW’s take is they want to bring an “extroverted and emotive design to the T-Roc range of cars.” 

Blasting along the Nurburgring with the wind blowing in your hair would have to be one of life’s best moments. Or at least one of the most interesting.

Manual Transmission Standard

Besides the top-down enjoyment, the T-Roc cab comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission. An actual manual! Optional is a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that is available with the optional four-cylinder engine. 

The standard engine is a 1.0-liter three-cylinder rated at 114 hp. But it is turbocharged. The four-cylinder is a 1.5-liter that’s turbocharged as well. The T-Roc is front-wheel drive, no all-wheel drive will be offered.

You can choose between two design packages with a slew of different features. The “Style” package comes with special 17-inch wheels and tires, an ambient light package, and has the option of a leather interior. 

The “R-Line” package adds standard fog lights along with either fabric or leatherette sport seats. Additionally, the R-Line features special engine tuning and steering for a more engaging driving experience.

Only VW Drop Top?

Debuting in September at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the T-Roc cab will replace the Golf and Beetle cabriolets. Our spies tell us it’s the only convertible VW will offer, unless they actually produce the ID Buggy. The T-Roc cabriolet will be on dealer’s lots in the spring of 2020.

Though it may look like VW just whacked the top off of a standard T-Roc, they have added 37mm to the wheelbase. Additionally, the mostly unique body has extra bracing and structural strengthening which VW engineers say will get it a five-star crash-test rating. 

The back end is completely new and offers up 284-liters of trunk space while maintaining two rear seats. There still has to be room for the top to stow when you hit the “open” button, too. 

Nine-Second Drop

When you’re ready to drop the top, you can do it in a flash. It takes only nine seconds to disappear, and you can engage the function with speeds up to 19mph. 

Altogether, the T-Roc Cab would be a fun addition to VW’s US lineup and it’s a shame they’re not bringing it stateside. Granted, the Nissan CrossCab did not sell well here, but then the T-Roc cab doesn’t look like a pregnant guppy with a hat. Sorry, CrossCab owners.